The Magic Journey

An Exploration Into The

Mind of Consciousness

The materialistic model has run its course and its limits in understanding reality are clear. It is now time for a new revolution in the understanding on how reality works and about the truth of who you truly are.

This blog is meant to be a resource for looking the reality you are living in with new fresh eyes, to rediscover and bring back the magic that is happening right now of which we have forgotten.

This realisation will shake your beliefs and will challenge you in living a more conscious life.

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Questions such as "What is Consciousness?", "What is the purpose of Life?", "What is Reality?", "Who am I?", "How something could appear out of nothing?", have fascinated humans for thousand of years. In this section I will cover this and much more from my personal experience.

Our personal education, the culture  and the social environment we live in are often factors believed to be the reason why we are the way we are. In this section I will talk about some useful practice helpful to think outside the box and leading to personal transformation.

Welcome to 'The Magic Journey'

The word Enlightenment or Awakening refers to the possibility to become directly conscious about the true nature of ourself and the reality we live in. The state of ignorance most humans find themselves regarding their true nature is, I believe, the root cause of our suffering.

Self-transformation is the process by which each human undergoes personal changes in the attempt to improve its current life situation.

Awakening and Self-transformation are two strictly intertwined processes: through the realisation of who you truly are, you will have to make important decisions about the way you want to conduct your life as a human being.

These subjects are not meant to be considered as a philosophical or intellectual discussion, these matters have nothing to do with believes or dogma. A profound understanding of what reality is, it will change enormously the way your are currently conducting your life. The materialistic model we have adopted for centuries to picture the reality we live in turned out to be wrong and a shift of consciousness has to occur at the individual and social level.  Only by doing so your personal struggles and suffering will find a relief and a real change in society will be possible.

My intent in this blog is to discuss openly about Awakening and Self-transformation with the only purpose to share with whoever is interested my direct and personal experience. It is an invitation to explore these topics with commitment and openness, to directly experience and contemplate these matters in your personal life.