About Me

About Me

For some reason I have always been interested and moved into finding an answer to questions to which an answer might not be found. Questions that for many people might sound pure philosophy or speculation but that for me keep representing the only motivation to become a better version of myself. 


It is this investigative mind that led me, perhaps, to undertake a scientific career. After having attended University in Milan, I decided to continue this path by moving in Switzerland where I obtained a PhD in Biology. This was for me an extraordinary experience, an opportunity to meet amazing and inspiring people, it offered me the chance to travel and explore the world. However, it did not fully satisfied my restless soul in finding the answers I was looking for. 

In 2015, during a vacation with friends, I serendipitously and almost tragically got acquainted with surfing in the warm and agitated water of Fuerteventura, Canary Island. Since then surf filled my free time, it started being the perfect holiday break from my laboratory routine and it gradually became my passion. Surfing represents to me much more than being a sport or a distraction to the day-to-day tasks. It symbolizes the turning point from which few pieces of the infinite puzzle of life have started to come together, it coincides with a time of my life where I started embracing life much more openly, by doubting grounded beliefs, facts and assumptions that were dictating my life.


Throughout these years I have collected several pages of notes and schemes, a sort of diary, that helped me to look at different topics in a completely new, provocative and challenging perspective. This blog represents for me an opportunity to openly share past and future thoughts, insights and much more. I will use it to discuss how personal experiences have mined many assumed dogma about the reality I am living in and to share with whoever is interested in my personal journey.


Thanks to the support of friends, good reading and an innate motivation and determination I am fully resolute in keeping discovering and being surprised by this mysterious and magic journey called life.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes

     but in having new eyes."

    - Marcel Proust -