My Understanding of Reality UN

In this section I would like to share with you my current understanding of the reality we live in obtained through my meditation and self-inquiry sessions. I will keep this section always update along my journey.


I really would like to stress that these realizations do not represent some knowledge hidden in some secret book but the result of my own work and dedication in trying to figure out what life is about at the metaphysical level and each of you can directly become conscious of these truths. The journey might be different for each of us but the conclusions will be the same because with this work we are dealing with what is absolute truth about reality.                                                                                                                                   

Asking "Who am I?", "What is Consciousness?", "What is Reality?", "What was before the Big Bang?", "How something could come out of nothing?" are possible questions to be answered not through experiments, quantification, dogma and assumptions but by directly becoming conscious of them, beyond any intellectual understanding. Science and (unfortunately) most religions deal with relative truths, with the content of reality. Awakening deals with the container of reality, with what ties everything together and it describes the only reality truly existing.              


What follows should be taken as literal, no words game. Becoming directly conscious of these truths will have an enormous impact in the way you, as a conceptual entity, will live your life at the individual and social level.

  • All is Consciousness and nothing else exists, therefore you are Consciousness.

  • What is Consciousness? Consciousness is That which is conscious of everything is manifested. Consciousness can also be referred as Nothingness, that is, no-a-thing. There is nothing in existence that can exist as an independent and objective object. Saying that reality is Nothingness does not imply the absence of something, I could instead say that reality is Everythingness. However, the Everythingness I am talking about is not the presence of something. The existence of something experienced by someone is the illusion most of the people are bound to. 

  • How does Nothingness look like? Exactly as the Universe looks like to you in this moment, nothing less nothing more. You are just mistaken it for being something.

  • Consciousness is like a formless container out of which any form or content can appear (our reality). Since Consciousness is infinite and has infinite potential, its content is also infinite. Consciousness is one and absolute, the content that seems to exist as objective is dual and relative.​

  • The Container is not separate from the content and vice versa. In other words, the Formless is the Form and the Form is the Formless. The Form only seems to have an independent existence and to be made out of different substances.​ due to the tick of mind. What you think to be and what you think it exists is only imaginary and not real.

  • Consciousness is by no means a by-product of the brain as science claims. Consciousness has no source, It is the Source.

  • What you think to be (the self) is a conceptual entity and anything you think to know or experience through your senses and perceptions is actually a ”movement” of mind that mistakes Consciousness for something else.

  • The self, what you consider to be yourself, is not a physical but a conceptual entity that can take infinite degrees of identifications. It is therefore flexible and relative. The self can think to be simply a limited body-mind organism or it can expand itself realizing to be what it has always been, Infinite Consciousness (awakening or enlightenment).

  • Physicality is an illusion: it only appears to exist but it is a misinterpretation of reality. Physicality, perceptions and independent objective existence are concepts, mental distinctions and do not represent what is actually here right now, that is, Nothingness.

  • Pure Consciousness cannot be known indirectly because It represents the ultimate subject that cannot be described or pointed as an object. You, Pure Consciousness, in your Formless state can know Yourself only directly by being It.

  • To know and experience its content (our reality), Infinite Consciousness needs to limit Itself and become a point of reference “external” to Itself. Consciousness needs to forget to be the Formless to pretend to be a specific Form. This is what for me evolution is about: Consciousness evolving Itself in order to experience Itself from a reference point of view. Human beings represent (as far as I know) the climax of evolution by which Consciousness can know Itself in its different forms. Other organisms also represent a point of view that allows Consciousness to experience Itself through what we might call perceptions. With humans, Consciousness has in addition the entire mental baggage to create and experience Itself at higher level. In particular, human mind is the tool “used” by Consciousness to know Itself through the creation of distinctions (such as self and others), concepts, values and meaning. Be aware that mind itself is a distinction and it is not separate from Consciousness. You, Consciousness, are creating reality out of nothing through the illusion of being a separate entity living in a world made out of objects with the aim to know Yourself. This is how something could come out of nothing (only appears to be this way, in reality only Consciousness/Nothingness exists).

  • Existence is like a circle: The first half of the journey is Consciousness forgetting Itself to become an external reference point in order to experience Itself. Then you, as a conceptual entity, needs to rediscover your true nature, Consciousness to close the circle. Before you close the circle before your life as a conceptual entity will be focused on pursuing a conscious life devoid of suffering, selfishness and self-survival goals.

  • Mind is the most powerful weapon at your disposal to create and shape your individual and social reality at many layers. Physicality is a creation of mind and therefore has no concrete substance, it is mind stuff. Mind is more powerful than any other weapon existing on Earth and can create both good and evil. It is the source of all human suffering and happiness, it is what might turn your human life into heaven or hell. It is your own responsibility to use it wisely to create a conscious life.

  • There is no external world. Science will never prove the existence of an external reality. All you know about the world boils down to your own personal subjective faculties, that is, emotions, feelings, bodily sensations, thoughts, perception. What you call a "tree" or "an apple" is not a physical object existing out there independently of your own perception and conceptualization of it but simply Consciousnesses. The external world is actually your own projection, a school to learn lessons in order to evolve as a Soul to reconnect to the Source, that is, what we all are, Consciousnesses itself.

  • Literally everything is Consciousness, that is, Nothingness. Materialism and physicality are illusions, like a dream, projection of our mind. The reason we are here, manifested in the human form, is not to save the planet Earth or others because the world and others are our own projections. The reason we are here is to save our self, to cleanse our mind from all our suffering through Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. Material achievements ultimately are worthless substitutes and represent a distraction from our true goal in pursuing Consciousnesses perpetuated by the illusory sense of being a physical self.