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An Opportunity For Evolution?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I would like to write a little story to frame historical events that are part of our lives, events that seem to indicate a movement towards a specific direction. Just a story, of course.

Picture Credit: Steve Johnson on Unplashed

“A human being is part of the whole called the Universe.

He experiences his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest:

a kind of optical illusion of consciousness.

This illusion is a kind of prison. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by expanding our circle of knowledge and understanding,

to include all living creatures and all nature, in its beauty ".

- Albert Einstein -

Many years ago, when time did not exist yet, there was an entity with no name. No one was there to call it in any specific way. It was alone: no parents, no friends, nothing at all. All alone swimming in its own being. For the matter, this entity did not even know to exist, how could it know? No friends were there to point it, no one was there to call and play with it and there were no other objects that could reveal by contrast its existence. Everything was tinted with the same color so to speak, no other colors were present and therefore it was as if no colors were existing at all.

However, this entity had a goal: it was curious to know how much creative potential it had within itself. Therefore it decided to start an evolutionary process to be able to know its potential and also to be able to become aware of its own existence from different point of views. It was tired to only be itself, it was kind of bored, it wanted to become conscious of what it was actually made out of, what it was, which color was painted with and to participate and share its own being and its creative love with "others".

And the journey began.

This entity, a sort of transparent formless field of energy, started to stretch itself, to expand itself in specific directions, to assume some primitive shapes, something that might recall simple geometrical forms until reaching extremely complex scaffolds that piling up together were giving rise to organized structures all connected each others. This entity felt in its own intimate being a change but it was not still enough to know who was in control of this unfolding process and how it looked like. It was as if a pure white light, passing through a prism, could not admire its colorful creation.

Without hesitation, the entity came back to work and starting from its previous creation it managed to assume shapes able to register these fluid movements, forms that, though unconsciously, could feel that something was happening. A graduate process of differentiation within the entity made possible the formation of complex structures that felt to be strongly connected to the entity but at the same time they could feel as if they had some control on their own movements. The color blue, red, orange and yellow knew that were coming from the same white source but they felt somehow different one from the other.

Beings within a bigger being, all connected like little vortexes dancing in the wind, waves dancing in the ocean. But a further step was necessary to be able to fully appreciate this process of creation from an "external" point of view, a new evolutionary step was necessary to take the shape of something able to interact and play with itself as if it was separate from itself.

The cost to be payed to achieve such a risky plan was high: by shaping itself in something completely conscious of its own form, the entity might have run into the risk of losing the connection with itself and therefore failing in knowing itself as itself. If the color red had acquired total self-consciousness it might have forgotten that its real nature and the nature of "other" colors was and will have always been the unified white light and not what might have seemed to be, that is, its redness.

Nevertheless, the entity understood that the only way to accomplish its aim was to risk. In the name of love for its goal it moved forward to assume a shape that by apparently standing as a separate being would have not, at the same time, forgotten its real source of its existence. Without this step of apparent separation, it would have not been possible for the entity to take actively part in its own creation. The color red needed to identify itself with its redness to then realize that the white light was all there is. The wave needed to fall into the illusion to be a wave to then realize to be only water. An illusory contrast needed to be created for the entity to be recognized and eventually revealed.

A perfect vehicle need to be created, something with great potential able to stand by itself, participate in the world and at the same time able to recognize to be intrinsically connected and made out of the only real entity existing. A vehicle infinitely grateful for having been chosen as the mean to accomplish this goal.

The entity pushed its evolutionary process a little forwards and with great mastery managed to assume the form of what might have represented the door to its goal: a being having the perfect characteristics to survive in the environment shaped for this purpose, able to take part in the creative process thorough self-reproduction and imagination, to interact with others beings. A being containing an infinite wisdom, able to look within itself and recognize the only and real entity existing.

Primitive beings were an example of perfect harmony among themselves and their environment: they could see the entity being present in every corner they were looking at, they could see themselves being not separate from the source. Many rituals and ceremonies were organized to bless this entity, to show gratitude for its love, to share this sense of peace pervading the whole creation. These beings knew that no images, no words, no mantra could substitute this entity since those same images, words and mantra were made out of it.

However, more advanced beings started to seem forgetting this primordial connection as if something along the line got broken. The Chinese whisper game had failed to deliver the right message across these beings. In many area the message never even arrived and new beings were raised in total ignorance, asleep. What was feared by the entity was happening: the umbilical cord connecting the vehicle with the source has been cut and new scenarios were ready to emerge.

Several beings started fighting each other to use power and violence as a mean to prevail over other beings as if they were truly separated. The environment in which they were put started to be used and exploited, structures were built, limits and boundaries were drawn to confine territories as if those lands could be owned. New forms of worship started to appear, different from area to area, characterized by mantra and prayers venerating colorful images representing beings believed to be holy entities. This misunderstanding gave rise to the outbreak of wars among different ideologies caused by the blindness of these beings unable to recognized the entity within and around themselves. Other beings started to measure and quantify forms and shapes of other apparent beings without realizing that everything is connected and that those distinctions were illusory boundaries coming from a relative perspective. As a consequence a theory of evolution was theorized, a theory showing the limits in looking at reality from a relative point of view, losing sight of the big picture.

Few beings, still connected with the source, were trying to explain the huge misunderstanding the majority has fallen into but as a consequence they were burned, hanged, crucified, shot, tortured, exiled, censored, blamed, judged, mocked by those that perceived those words as a threaten for their illusory power built upon illusory beliefs.

What a mess. The apparent detachment from the only real entity had shifted the evolutionary process in a direction different than the one expected. The entity had to take action to draw their attention to stop this craziness. Several attempts were made with the only purpose to arise some awareness among those beings that had lost the initial connection or among those who were never exposed to such a teaching. The entity started to shake itself, to blow over itself, to abundantly cry and to assume other forms in order to slow down the frenetic behavior of these beings and to give them the time to reflect and realize that something was wrong.

Some of them were able to grasp the message, to connect and to awake once again to the initial truth of being one with the rest. They became new vehicles to spread fresh awareness over other beings, to give words of support to unconscious beings overwhelmed by a sense of fear and devastation of which they could not make sense, to share their abilities to keep company and make this period lighter.

However, the most of them were still in a position of ignorance despite their social and political position. They were still believing that saving their own little piece of land would have brought any good in their life, that using this difficult time to prevail over the weaker would have led them somewhere. Those beings have (un)consciously decided to become the poorest forms created, lost in their own illusions and in their false ideology of materialism, unable to stop, self reflect and see the beauty within themselves and all around.

Many years ago, when time did not exist yet, an entity had set a goal and nothing could really stop it to attain its plan because ultimately it is the only one in control. All other beings are a manifestation of its love, an extension of its unique desire to know itself and their power is limited. One day this entity will be able to take the shape of a perfect evolved conscious being aware of its immense potential, able to recognized itself as the entity and able to consciously participate in its own creation. This entity is not in a hurry in the evolutionary process, it can wait million of years if necessary before reaching its goal, before taking the right direction. It has no other place to go and nothing else to do. Everywhere and everything is itself.

It is up to each being on which side they want to stay: the side of ignorance and suffering or the side of behaving as a conscious being understanding the big project of life, grasping the magnificent journey of evolution of which they have been invited to participate.

The entity will succeed anyway.

The question is: do these beings want to be an opportunity for real evolution?

(Just a story, of course).

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