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Connecting The Dots - Part 3

In this short post I would simply like to share with you a personal note that I wrote down some years ago after having had the realization of no-self. What follows will make more sense after having read my previous post ("Connecting The Dots - Part 1").

"The purpose of life, I think, is to awaken and create heaven on Earth.

The entire exercise of reincarnation had been about

learning how to control the power of creativity.

We were, in effect, learning how to be gods, learning how to create.

- Christian Bache -

During my consciousness work I came to the astonishing conclusion that the answer to the question “Who am I ?” is that there is no-self, no doer, no one in control. However this realization was, in light of a more recent understanding, quite shallow, not fully integrated and not experiential. It remained at the intellectual level, that is, it was grasped by mind. Yesterday this insight become experiential.

Some years ago I realized the existence of the "invisible witness", Consciousness, that is prior to any manifestation and that is aware of anything happening in this precise moment. What happened in these days is that I am experiencing being Consciousness and that the body and mind are now an object not different from any other manifestation. The body-mind is not anymore the subject that experiences the world but it became part of the world to be experienced. Consciousness has finally detached itself from the identification of body, mind, emotions, sensations, feelings and it could expand from the prison of the body-mind identification.

Before this event, Consciousness and body-mind were still glued together and Consciousness was suffocating and being invisible. Now I felt its expansion experientially. This event made me understand more profoundly what it means no-self, no-doer. This body and mind, as anything else in the Universe, are just happening. There is not someone inside the body controlling the body, no one behind the eyes. Things and events just happen. The illusion of being a biological human being in control is given by the fact that Consciousness limits itself and gets so close to the mind- body that there is the impression that the mind and the body are in control.

Once the separation from Consciousness happens, it is clear that when a thought arises in the head ordering to rise the arm, it is not you (as an individual) in control but literally no one physical or material. This very thought is simply an event happening within Consciousness. It is just a movement, like a leaf floating in the air. If Consciousness identifies with this movements, then it appears as if that thought was produced by someone in particular, a physical entity.

I came to realize that any movements (thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions) are not to be suppressed, identified with, judged or blamed but simply observed from the point of view of this expanded Consciousness. This observation aims to become aware of the quality of movements we have created over years of being unconscious about our true nature. By being identified with thoughts and emotions is likely that we have created negative loops that became what we think we are and this new realization helps us to step back and create something more functional.

This cannot be achieved when Consciousness and the body-mind are still too close because the one observing will be the mind thinking to be a separate being and from this perspective suppression, identification, judgment and blaming will still occur leading to suffering. When Consciousness instead is “far” from the body-mind, it cannot fall in the trap of reacting and being triggered by events like mind used to do.

I am aware that the realization of “no-self, no-doer” is not the final step and that more expansion has to occur. Indeed, there is still a subject, thought more ethereal than the body-

mind, that is experiencing objects and therefore there is still duality causing suffering. Being triggered by the others or by events happening in the world is a sign that there is still the believe that there is a subject that can be harmed or can harm.

“Others” and “the external world” must be included in the definition of "me", Consciousness, and not held as separate entities. This is a huge shift in perspective since it gives us back the responsibility and authority of our actions and creations, it changes how we see the world.

The external has to be seen as internal. The world is not anymore a structure in which we are born as separate beings, it is not a place to be afraid of that can harm or punish us, but rather our own creation. We are not living within the world but the world is living within us. We are at the same time the creator of the reality we live in and the limited being operating according to this understanding. Everything is a projection of what we create and believe to be and what we experience is the result of this creative process. If you consider the world to be outside and separate from you, all your suffering will never cease to exist because suffering is held as something outside your control and responsibility.

We are the creator and therefore the responsible for our creation. By realizing that nothing is outside you, you gain back the control and the responsibility of your infinite potential and power. To be triggered by other beings and life events means to see the potential to be harmed, it means to believe that there are “things” out there that have their own control and power to kill you. Our true unlimited nature becomes an illusory physical being subjected and restricted to the limitations it has unconsciously created. The unconscious process of creation becomes our own trap.

By transcending this illusion, no suffering or fear will ever occur and powerful creations will be manifested as tangible signs of our own infinite potential. The privilege to be conscious beings relies on the possibility to recognize God’s presence as our true nature! Our actions will not be anymore a survival process, we will not be anymore occupied in caring about our little private garden, but we will rather express this understanding to honor this miracle called life in whatever way we love. This body-mind structure has to be seen as a vehicle out of which we, Consciousness, can actualize our self.

Thanks for reading.

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