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Evolution Is Creation (And Vice-versa)

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

In this post I would like to challenge the notion that evolution, and life in general, is an accidental process rather than a volitional and intelligent design. Read carefully and do not make the mistake to hold this information as mere philosophy or as a religion lesson based on beliefs. You can become directly and personally conscious of what I am talking about.

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"Natural selection is anything but random."

- Richard Dawkins -

"Biology is the study of complicated things that have the appearance of having been designed with a purpose."

- Richard Dawkins -

"My personal feeling is that understanding evolution led me to atheism."

- Richard Dawkins -

"The question of whether there exists a supernatural creator, a God, is one of the most important that we have to answer. I think that it is a scientific question. My answer is no."

- Richard Dawkins -

"Unconsciousness shows the irony of life"

- A.M -

I cannot hide to you my excitement in writing this post due to my previous connection and total agreement with many statements science has made about the reality we live.

If the things I am talking about in my blog are true, the current way of seeing, perceiving and modeling reality supported by science represents a misinterpretation of what it is actually happening in this precise moment. If by looking within you, you can "prove" that reality is formless and nothing objective and physical exists within it unless you think in that way, you can realize how much science is deceiving itself. Richard Dawkins, one of the most respectable and educated figure in the field of biology and evolution, represents the best example of self deception.

I have hanged out and worked in the scientific world for some years and I loved my job. The passion, curiosity and thrill behind my attempts to find how nature works through experiments and manipulations were the fuel that was making me standing up in the morning and spend an entire day in the lab surrounded by chemical solutions, yeast cells, microscopes and centrifuges.

Even though they might appear two unrelated topics, my progress in realizing what I am, made me realized that the current modus operandi of science in investigating reality cannot really address questions regarding how life is possible to happen and how reality works. It might sound to you that I am spitting on the plate that gave me the opportunity to live for a while and that I consider science as something not worth to be pursued. No. Far from that. I consider science a great invention but I cannot anymore support a model and a way of thinking that is far from my understanding of reality. My critics to science are simply an attempt to shake some beliefs and dogma present in the scientific community, hoping that one day science will be able to recognize its limits and move forwards to investigate reality in a way more aligned to what is actually happening right here, right now.

Science for many aspects does not differ from religion in falling into the trap of holding beliefs and assumptions as objective truths about what reality is and how it works. As religion holds as a belief the existence of a God, science assumes the existence of an objective physical reality of which no one has ever demonstrated its existence ("Objectivity Is your Own Creation - Part 1", "Objectivity Is your Own Creation - Part 2", "Objectivity Is your Own Creation - Part 3"), as religion holds as a belief the existence of heaven and hell, science assumes that consciousness is a by-product of the brain ("Brain and Consciousness: What Comes First?"). This attitude and close mindedness does not bring any good for important breakthroughs in science and I think it is now time to break some dogmas and move forward for a new way of holding reality.

Evolution is probably the best example of this eternal fight between religion and science. Religion, according to the Bible, claims that the Universe was made out in 6 days and that humans are not the result of an evolutionary process but rather a creation at the image and appearance of a God that seems to live somewhere well hidden in the sky. On the other side, we have science that claims that we are the result of a fortuitous and random process that through genetic mutations and natural selection brought humans into existence. Unlike religion, that bases its model on faith, science's theory is supported by many evidences, archaeological findings and studies about how nature has evolved from basic organisms to complex ones.

The one billion question is: "Who is right?". One of the two must be deceiving itself.

And I have personal concluded that none of them is completely right and that at the same time both of them carry some truth. Unfortunately, unlike science, I cannot prove my statement by showing you some charts and fossils, because the answer is within you ("Look Within You"). Immediately this shed discredits and doubts on my attempt to prove something that seems so objective as evolution and my approach seems to be not different from the one used by religion, that is, having faith. However, for how unbelievable it might sound, my approach is probably most "scientific" than the one used by science.

Science, and everyone supporting the existence of a material and objective reality, bases its discoveries by measuring and quantifying reality. The way how science proves the existence of something is by treating objects as objectively existent, that is, as something that exists independently from our perceptions and senses. What science do not grasp is that without subjective faculties, nothing can be proven to exist and therefore what we call objective is nothing else than a collective agreement of what it appears to look the same from different subjective point of views.

There is a saying stating that "Truth is somewhere in the middle". Consciousnesses work does not ask you to blindly believe what has been said here as religion does and at the same time it does not ask you to find answers relying on external sources or authorities. It simply invites you to look within you and see what you find.

Something to exist has to stand out from the background out of which it arises.

Does a cell represent an objective structure present in the body or does it represent a distinction that has been created by you to simplify your job as a scientist? Awakening will show you, among many other things, that a cell is a product of your own creative process. It comes to exist only if you create boundaries that are not objectively present in reality. By looking within you, you will find nothing at all, and you will realize that the substance or the nature of a cell, as for anything else that seems to exist, is Nothing. A cell, in other words, did not exist before you, Nothingness, has deceived yourself in believing to be something else than yourself through concepts and distinctions.

You might challenge my way of thinking by asking me: "If everything is subjective, how do you trust your own perceptions? How can you be sure than your subjective faculties point to the truth?" The important and revolutionary approach that this journey entails is that what we are looking for and what you should be able to identify within you is that which is prior to your perceptions, emotions, thoughts and feelings. I am asking you to realize that you are that which comes before your subjective faculties ("No-Self: The First Step Towards You", "Neti-Neti: Who Am I?"), that which is the source of everything that seems to exist.

That represents the only absolute objective reality because it includes all the relative point of views existing in reality, science included. The irony of this work is realizing that what you are is the only objective and indisputable "thing" existing, and that everything else, that is created by you, is relative and subjective: you as a human, cells, stars, others, planets, microscopes, computers, gravity, life, death, the whole universe. All relative.

Only from this realization and from this starting point we can address the topic of evolution.

Discovering that there is nothing objectively material and physical behind the eyes and that your existence as a specific point of view is only a creative process, also means that all reality is literally made out of Nothing ("Before The Big Bang"). The Nothingness I am talking about looks exactly as the reality you are living in, simply without any real owner and without any objects to be owned. The "you" that you think to be and the objects that you think to own are created and imagined by you, Nothingness, through distinctions.

You, Nothingness, exist as a formless "entity", that is, as something that has no objective qualities and attributes. The only way you, Nothingness, can know about yourself, the only way you can know about your existence is by becoming conscious of yourself. And the most intelligent and astonishing way you can achieve this goal is by falling into an illusion of being a specific form. You, through this illusion, can make the impossible possible: turning the formless into form not by physically becoming an objective form but by deceiving yourself to be a form.

You, Nothingness, had to go through "evolutionary" steps to be able to be aware of yourself. You, Nothingness, before the Big Bang did not know who you were and that you exist. You, Nothingness, right before you have started manifesting yourself as what we call "living organisms" did not know who you were and that you exist. You did not know to have taken the form of a star, a rock, a planet, a galaxy or any other object present in the Universe.

You simply were "being".

Only by taking the form of a living organism such as a bacteria or a virus you have started feeling and perceiving yourself, although in very primitive ways. Only by manifesting yourself in a more complex way, under the form of organisms with a nervous system, you could become more aware of yourself and start interacting with other organisms that are nothing else than you deceiving yourself to be something different than you. Finally, only by becoming a human you could fully self reflect and enjoy life as a separate form.

The human being represents, as far as I can say, the most sophisticated way how you, Nothingness, is deceiving yourself in believing to be a separate entity in order to interact, discover and explore the beauty of your being. The human form, thanks to its intellect and intelligence, represents the perfect vehicle to get to know yourself. Not only the human form is able to tell you that you have taken the shape and the form of a star, a rock and a planet through the creation of language, but it represents also a vehicle able to create new forms of yourself. Humans, unlike any other shapes you have taken, have created cities, technologies, cultures, art, architecture, music and other things that were not existing before.

From this new perspective both evolution and creation come into play: ultimately there is only Nothingness creating more evolved distinctions within itself to appear multiple. You, in the human form, have the ability to inform yourself to be something rather than nothing. Moreover, you, by taking the shape and the form of a human being that is constantly creating new things out of nothing, are able to sustain yourself. In this sense the creation of new distinctions help evolution to occur.

Evolution represents therefore the process through which Nothingness can fully experience Itself by becoming conscious of Itself. But the forms is taking, what science calls atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, animals, humans are not material and physical objects. These forms have no substance at all. These forms only apparently seem to exist by a process of creating distinctions, such as concepts, that makes appear material something that has no real objective form. Emotions (especially fear), feelings, perceptions and thoughts are the guardians to sustain this illusion. They represent other distinctions that deceive Nothingness into believing It needs to maintain a specific form in order to survive.

The problem for people not aware of this process is that they are living into an illusion and by believing to be physical and material are simply preoccupied in surviving without being able to appreciate the beauty and the magic of life. Unconscious people believe to be a self that was born and that one day will die, they believe to live in a world made out of cells, atoms, molecules, DNA, bacteria, virus, energy, strings or whatever you think reality is made out of. Unconscious people cannot see that there is literally only one thing existing in reality, that is, Nothingness playing with Itself.

Evolution goes hands to hand with the concepts of natural selection and of the survival of the fittest. In my view, the strongest or the fittest simply represents Nothingness constructing better distinctions (this small insight might help you to get the most of out your life and why not out of your business). But unlike other animals, we humans, have the ability to realize who we are. We can grasp to be distinctions made out of our true nature, Nothingness. And therefore our life should not be survival-based but rather lived accordingly to this understanding.

Life can be experienced only by keeping creating distinctions that make you feel to be separate from others when actually there is only you. There is no you and no others. Only it appears to be that way when you, Nothingness, deceive yourself. The creation of distinctions is what makes life and existence possible otherwise Nothingness would not "perceive" any difference within Itself.

So who is right? Religious people or scientists?

Religious people are right when they say that life is a creative process. Life and existence cannot exist if you, Nothingness, were not able to create distinctions within you. Life and existence could not be experienced if you were not able to fragment yourself through illusion and deceptions. But life and existence are not objective processes. It is simply you, Nothingness, creating the illusion that there are living and non-living organisms, that there is life and death, that there are cells and tissues, that there are sentience and non-sentience beings. There is nothing as such unless you create these distinctions to perceive yourself separate from you.

The problem of religious people is that they look for God outside themselves, like in a holy book or in the church. They hold God as someone separate from themselves, as someone that has to be prayed and respected to not be punished. They do not realize that everything is One and it just appears to be two. They do not realize that they are giving away their ability to find God within themselves and realize to be It.

Science is right to see life as an evolutionary process but it misses to see the beauty of this process. It considers life as a random, mechanical and fortuitous sequence of accidental steps that miraculously took us, humans, here. Science is too busy to quantify and measure things without realizing that measurements cannot in any objective way describe reality. Science considers itself to be separate from reality and it keeps doing the mistake to measure things as if itself is not part of reality, as if its same act of measuring do not affect the measurement is doing. Whatever science will prove to be an objective truth, it is just a subjective and relative way of seeing reality.

The claims of religion and science are the product of a misunderstanding of what reality and God are. They are both lost in their own dogmas and they miss the ability to self mirror to see that what they are looking for or what they are denying is within them and everywhere else. The difficulty of this work is that by focusing outside you will never prove or disprove the existence of God because by doing it you put yourself a step forward It, as if you are separate from It. As if you can observe God from a different perspective.

The irony of reading people like Richard Dawkins stating that "My personal feeling is that understanding evolution led me to atheism" is that by studying evolution he should have arrived to the opposite conclusion. He just needs to add a small piece into the puzzle by looking within himself without being close-minded in judging what he might find.

The irony of this work is that Nothingness has taken the form and the shape of something that denies its existence, when in reality it is the only thing existing. The irony of this work is that, no matter how much effort science puts in place to deny Nothingness, science has become the best channel for Nothingness to get to know Itself in all its relative ways.

Scientists and religious people will never realize from where everything has begun. They will simply project their beliefs to be a physical entity into reality, simply finding new forms that only appear to exist as material. Whatever "thing" they will find to have caused the Big Bang is just more content to be explained ("Before The Big Bang"). But by awakening you will directly grasp that there is no beginning and no end because all reality has no objective substance and therefore there was never something coming into existence, if not only apparently.

I hesitate to use the word God in this post but I think, if you read my post so far, you intuited that the Nothingness I am always talking about was clearly pointing at it. I will anyway keep using the word Nothingness because it leaves less opportunity to the mind to cling on some specific idea or opinion about It.

The Nothingness I am talking about does not judge, it does not punish, it does look upon you, it is not vindictive, it does not have any commandments to follow, it has nothing to do with morality or ethics, it does not have any form (unless the ones that seem to exist by creating distinctions), it does not impose any should and shouldn't, and it does not live anywhere up in the sky. The Nothingness I am talking about is right here, it looks exactly as reality looks and you can become directly conscious to be It.

You need simply to find that which witnesses and observes everything, perceptions, emotions, thoughts and feelings included. You need to make a step back from where you are standing now as scientist or as a religious person. Once you will find It, this is who you are and you can name yourself as you like.

Throughout my life I have been exposed both to religion and science but nothing more powerful than looking within myself could complete the big picture of existence in such an elegant way. To me, instead of trying to prove how there could be life, it makes much more sense to realize that there is and there will always be Nothing at all and that life only appears to exist.

This realization is mind twisted and paradoxical. But this is the point of the illusion. It is the magic of life.

Before discarding the possibility that what I am talking about is true, you need to do the work I am suggesting to do. And I am sure I will not be contradicted.

Look within.

Thanks for reading.

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