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Features Of Reality

In this post I would like to talk about two key features I believe reality is made out of according to my personal contemplation. This understanding will allow you as a human being to integrate those features within you, being you part of the same reality. I strongly believe that this single realization has the power to transform, with time and practice, your whole life.

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"If we knew what it was we were doing,

it would not be called research, would it?"

-Albert Einstein-

People that know me can confirm that I was never the kind of guy able to entertain others but rather an introvert, discreet person. Even though I never shared it with friends or family I was always more interested in looking for answers about questions regarding reality in general, myself included. That kind of questions that when proposed to others were either ignored or dismissed by answering "Who knows!". And for a big chunk of my life I suppressed that desire in finding answers to questions that seemed impossible to be answered and I tried to focus on subjects that were considered to be more compelling for a young guy: getting an education, understanding girls and being socially accepted.

During this period I achieved many different goals, projects on which I worked my ass off to get completed but that honestly never totally left me satisfied. I was always feeling restless, as if I was missing something crucial in life, something that was escaping under my nose but I had no idea what it was. For some reasons I have always had a sense that something higher and intelligent was existing, a feeling that initially found its expression in supporting and in being part of a religious community during my younger age and that ended up in becoming a strong atheist supporting the materialistic vision of science years later. If before an entity living in the sky was representing that which I had identified to be this mysterious intelligent force, now that force was being identified in physical laws ruling nature.

I became a molecular biologist, working as a researcher in universities and I was simply fascinated by investigating reality. I remember being thrilled in going to the laboratory with the desire to design experiments that would have allowed me to contribute in finding some pieces of the big puzzle of how reality works and which laws were governing it. However, in this period I also "accidentally" bumped in what is called spirituality and that encounter ruined my relationship with modern science (not science in general).

After some years I realized that science could have never fulfilled my desire in finding the answers I was looking for. And this was a difficult realization to digest, especially for someone that was making his living out of it. But for some reason I felt the need to align my life by doing something that could have allowed me to answer those questions. With all my heart I simply wanted to have the answer to these two "simple" questions: "Who are you existentially?", and "What is reality?", two questions that years later I discovered sharing the same answer.

I will not repeat myself in telling you what I have personally realized to be the answer, any of my previous post might represent a good starting point to get deeper in the subject, if you are interested. What I want to address here is something different. No matter how you want to call it, the "substance" of which you, me and all reality are made out of is "something" mysterious, something that no one will ever be able to explain through reasoning and measurements. It is "something" of which you can become directly conscious (since you are it) and that therefore cannot be regarded as an object to be studied.

For months my mind, always busy to find reasons in life, was busy in trying to realize what would be the benefit for a human being to discover to not be a human being but Consciousness disguised in a human form. On one hand, this question simply represented one of many other infinite mind's attempt in finding something new to think about, to keep itself busy and therefore survive. Mind is an incredible master in finding new ways to survive by convincing itself that talking and discussing about "higher" topic, such as spirituality, represents a worthier and a nobler occupation. That is a lie. Mind wants to simply survive and it does not really care about the subject of the topic. Ultimately a sandwich is as much as holy as the Bible, if you truly grasp what a sandwich (or anything else in existence) fundamentally is.

But on the other hand I came to the conclusion that investigating deeper on what Consciousness is might be an extremely beneficial occupation that would have helped me in conducting a more conscious life. By realizing which fundamental values and features were lying at the very bottom of reality, it would have meant for me knowing which direction to follow as a human being, since we are nothing else than manifested Consciousness. It would have meant owning a precious guideline for every choice I had to make in life. Choices that would have not been anymore directed by my own self-interest but by something higher, free from the logic of survival.

Mind, logic and rationality are simply preoccupied in keeping the biological machine alive and they will find any excuse and justification to be biased towards certain choices over others. But whoever is willing to follow this path has to leave space to higher forces that will guide the biological machine in accomplishing what it has been here for, something that 99,99% of the case does not match the mind's plan.

The way you see reality dictates your life choices and especially fears and it is therefore critical to own the most accurate model of reality to prevent living an illusory and unconscious life. The day you were born, you have being thrown in a real jungle full of paths and direction to take, full of traps and opportunities and all of us would have definitely desired to have received the most accurate map to navigate this territory from our parents and society. However, things are not that simple and it is our job to constantly evolve by making mistakes and taking the wrong paths to eventually find those answers that will set us free.

Reality can be described as being dual (me and you, subject and object, here and there) but this is a relative and inaccurate way to see reality, it represents the illusion humans are asked to awake from. Humans find themselves in a paradoxical situation: they appear to live in a dualistic reality but they have the privilege to unveil the illusion and discover the unity of things. As long as humans are trapped in duality they will be guided by relative values, values that only applies to the illusory world.

Through awakening this illusion can be revealed and new values will appear: values representing a lighthouse enlightening our personal life's choices preventing us from committing unconscious actions; values representing the real and absolute guideline governing all existing realities; values that can and must be transposed into our relative human reality.

Throughout my own contemplation I found creativity and acceptance to be the two major ones: without them nothing could exist. Reality is not made out of atoms or molecules spinning around and it is not glued together by physical laws: it is Consciousness and the way Consciousness works is through creativity and acceptance.

Look around you, be aware of the diversity of things. Stop and observe how much heterogeneity is present in reality in term of colors, shapes, sizes, sound, smells. Reality is an ode to creativity and it strongly rejects uniformity and homogeneity. Consciousness wants to experience multiplicity, it is always able to create new scenarios, new plots even in the most mundane events. Look at the sunset, every time so different, so unique, so creative. Look at the eyes of each of us, none is similar, each with its different and unique artist's trait. Creativity is the engine of reality, an intelligent force that is sustaining and nurturing life.

Creativity should be brought in our daily human life, no matter in which form, no matter in which context. More creativity is present in your job, in your hobbies, in your relationships, in your way of thinking, in your way of being, more powerful and joyful your life will be. Many are the examples in history where mind prevailed in name of uniformity, many are the ideologies that dismiss creativity and diversity in name of homogeneity. Those intellectual currents go against one fundamental pillar of reality, creativity. They are bound to generate suffering and misery and, I believe, are bound to fail and disappear in the long run.

Mind will not like this idea because its way of working requires some boundaries, some rules, some control but it must be a cooperative game. Creativity without mind would be impossible to be actualized and manifested and mind without creativity is a fruitless process. Mind should not be blamed as often happens in the spiritual circle, it is not the enemy. It is the enemy if we do not know how to use this amazing tool but when mastered it represents a perfect servant at the service of creativity to express whatever we want to.

Creativity must be the driving force of our daily life actions and we need to learn how to bring it in what we do. I personally struggle to be a creative person since I had a strong logical and rational imprinting in my childhood, reinforced later by attending academic environments. I could never fully appreciate many form of arts and always dismissed people that were making their way of living out of it. I only know understand that my behavior came from a position of ignorance and fear, fear of the mind in respect to this powerful force represented by creativity. Creative people are free in acting, free in speaking, free in moving, unpredictable and, in a sense, they represent a real threat for people stuck in the illusory mind.

The second pillar is acceptance. Others might call it love or being welcoming. Reality is totally and fully welcoming and loving, a difficult idea to digest especially in time like this one, but it represents simply a fact. Is there anything in existence that is not accepted or welcomed? It cannot be, otherwise it would not exist. The simple fact to exist proves that that thing has been already accepted to be, as it is. It has been already welcomed to be part of existence itself. Consciousness, that in its pure essence is formless and without attributes, must be endowed with acceptance as a key feature to manifest itself in whatever form it wants.

This feature is not partial or with restriction, it is total. It means that anything can be manifested, also what is then labeled by the human mind as bad, nasty, ugly, unfair, sad. For Consciousness those attributes have no values and no meaning: its only desire is to express itself, by being infinitely creative, and by accepting each of its creation.

This insight had a profound transformation process within myself at the level of the mind and heart. It gave me the awareness that also the worst and most terrible thought ever imagined has been already accepted to exist by me, Consciousness, and there is no need for blame and guiltiness to take place. With this insight, difficult time, like time of sickness, becomes surrounded by a veil of love, of acceptance, of welcoming and everything tastes different. I am not saying it becomes an experience you want to repeat over and over but it profoundly changes the way you relate to any experience, difficult ones especially.

Easy and pleasant experiences are already covered by love and joy but it is in the hard times that this second pillar can become evident for those who have eyes to see it in action. It becomes a transformational force for any human experience by shedding on it a different light. It also changes the relationship to pain and suffering making clear what those are. And true is that pain (also physical one) and suffering are mostly caused by the resistance of the mind in accepting something that has been already accepted by you, Consciousness. It is a useless act that brings nothing to the situation if not being a victim and adding unnecessary emotional negativity.

Acceptance is universal, it embraces everything, it is what allows everything to be and sooner we make peace with this feature of reality, easier our life will become. We can marginally plan our life and what happens around us and this situation is largely refused by our mind that operates with all its forces to control reality. By learning acceptance, instead, our mind can be put at rest and we can truly live fully in the here and now without daydreaming about a better life that will never come.

For how weird and masochistic might sound suffering represents a unique opportunity of evolution. It is the only time where humans refrain from being frenetic and find some time for themselves. Our current time represents indeed a great opportunity for our spiritual evolution but we need to do our part. Complaining and blaming others is not what we need to do. Firstly we need to accept, welcome and love anything we are experiencing since it has been already done so, and then learn the lesson that each experience offers to us as an opportunity to evolve spirituality. As I wrote in my post "Reincarnation And Fate", nothing happens as an accident and it is our job to take our on cross to evolve possibly using "Self-Observation" as a tool.

To conclude, Consciousness makes usage of two key features to manifest all forms and each of us, being essentially manifested Consciousness, owns them within our self. We can either row in the same direction of reality and make creativity and acceptance part of our life or row against.

Consciousness is so creative and loving that will accept any taken choice.

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