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From One To Three: The Magic Journey

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

In this post I would like to keep talking about evolution from the point of view of awakening and what each of us had better focusing in this earthly life. An astonishing truth relies on the other side of the illusion of being a body-mind entity and it would be a pity to walk this journey called life without going deeper within the rabbit hole.

"To know where we are heading to,

we must know where we are coming from".

For decades each of us has been learning so much about the Universe and itself. Since our early age, not having really any other option, we have been taken as true whatever knowledge we were exposed to in order to survive and be accepted within the society we were born into. At that time we did not really care whether what was been said to us was true or false because we were mostly preoccupied in fitting in and being part of our social environment. But by growing up, I believe, we have all felt and experienced that something was not quite right and that there was something more profound about life to be discovered.

As I have already said many times, all it exists is Consciousness. Consciousness is what you are and what all reality is. Anything else that seems to appear is a mental and conceptual superimposition of the human mind created for its own survival. Mind needs to imagine limitations and boundaries into a reality that has none in order to deceive itself in being interacting and participating into an objective and physical world.

Consciousness at the beginning of time was simply one being. Consciousness in its infinite form was swimming in its own bliss and unity. No separations existed, no other beings were present. In this state Consciousness existed but it did not know to exist because there was no one else to point at it, there was not another perspective to mirror itself. Consciousness was already complete, it was already all loving, it had already infinite creative potential but it was not aware of the entire spectrum of its qualities.

In the name of love in becoming aware of its own beauty and infinite potential, Consciousness has started a journey in which it has divided itself in two, in which it decided to make the experience of duality by getting lost in its own creation: from now on, Consciousness would have started believing to be an individual, a subject perceiving and interacting with an external world inhabited by other beings.

You are that Consciousness but you have forgotten this truth, currently thinking to be a physical human being.

Needless to say, this separation process was only apparent and illusory and it did not consist in any physical divisions. Consciousness has no physical features, it is a not-a-thing (see my post "Consciousness: An Infinite Origami-Designer", "Before The Big Bang", "Evolution is Creation") and therefore the separation only happened in its own mind as an imaginary process. In the same way humans, while dreaming, forget to be dreaming and start identifying themselves with the dreamed character, Consciousness forgets to be infinite and start imagining to be finite (see my posts "Your Life is A Truman Show", "Your Life Is A Night Dream", "Like Water", "Action, It Is Movie Time!").

The purpose of deceiving itself in being a physical individual living within a physical world, the reason why Consciousness has decided to fool itself believing in the illusion, aimed to make the experience of duality and discover its illusory nature. By experiencing duality and eventually awakening to the realization that everything is actually one, Consciousness can finally come back to point one but with the necessary awareness, understanding and direct experience of its own infinite creative potential, its infinite beauty and its loving nature. Only by directly experiencing that we cannot be two, we can become aware of our non-dual nature.

From step one to step three, passing through duality, this is the magic journey.

Step one and three are identical, our true nature does not change during the journey. It simply gets veiled by believing that the illusion of being a body and a mind is true while experiencing step two. But what it does change is our understanding of who we are, something we could not become aware of by simply staying comfortable sitting in step one. To know to be God, we have to fool our self to be something else. To know to be immortal, we need to make the experience of death and discover its illusory nature.

We are used to consider death the moment in which our physical body dies but it is not like this since we have never been the physical body in the first place. Death is not the end of the story as the material paradigm makes us believe. Death simply sets the end of the illusory step number two after which we bring back as much awareness as we could grasp during our dual experience. More awake we become about our true nature during our earthly life, more knowledge we, as Consciousness, bring back in step three.

Our goal, as incarnated and manifested Consciousness, is to fully live duality, to go through the challenges of life that help us to overcome the illusion in order to "die before you die" as some sages used to say. Death concerns the liberation from our illusory nature, that is, the beliefs to ultimately be a body or a mind. We can actually die while still breathing and being alive. Not waiting physical death to realize that what we have always been was Consciousness, gives us the advantage and the privilege to live duality in a much more conscious way and to keep investigating the beauty of our true nature.

Through this realization, step two, that is, our earthly life, becomes actually the most interesting step. It is the step in which we can actively experience and discover what we are by doing what we love doing. It represents the juicy part of the magic journey. And here it comes another crucial point that I have already mentioned in my previous posts "The Magic Shift: Turn The Outward In" and "Real Evolution: From "self" To "Self" but that I want to deepen here.

There is nothing in life that is more worth doing than what you are supposed to do. We have been taught than some jobs are more special than others. We have learnt to categorize and value our life using a materialistic scale based on how much money we make, how much success we have, how cool we are. We tend to even everything up as if there is a specific and unique way to live life. We ended up giving real value to something that represents only an illusion by accepting the fact that reality is a dumb, material and mechanical machine in which humans play the role of puppets influenced by invisible forces. By believing to be only physical humans we give away our full authority, power and freedom. We give away the possibility to realize that we literally are Consciousness/God creating our own reality.

We must not conform to others because each of us represents a specific way in which Consciousness wanted to manifest itself in order to wake up from the illusion it has itself created. Each of us has a specific path to follow that will ultimately help him/her to wake up to the realization to have always been Consciousness. Step one is the same for everyone but the quality of step three, in which we return to our true nature, depends on the quality of step two and on whether or not we have followed our inner guidance.

Consciousness, when has decided to live in duality, has seeded within each of its form a unique path that would have allowed it to get to step three fully awake if it had followed the instruction. Being you Consciousness, that is, the creator reality, everything that is happening right now is your own creation that you have designed in order to wake up but you are currently unaware of it. As long as you consider yourself being an individual entity, you will consider the "external reality" as something that does not belong to you, a place in which you have accidentally found yourself, a place that is equal for everyone.

In reality, as also science points out, each of us is living, perceiving and experiencing a completely different reality. If each of us looked at the "same" tree, it would see a completely different object: we would not see the same colors, we would not see the same forms, we would not see the same size, we would feel different emotions and we would superimpose different mental and conceptual ideas on what a tree is. Humans have of course similar perceptions of reality that allow us to interact but ultimately each of us is living its own reality.

It is therefore important to realize that we, as Consciousness, are the creator of our own reality in which we have installed a unique software containing all the information we need to wake up and by no means we have to follow what others do since they will have designed a different creation. All the events that happened and are happening to you, all the people you have met and that you will meet, all the accidents and illnesses you have and will experience are being designed by you to wake up. Before you realize that, less resistance you will oppose to the process and smoother will be step two.

Also, the choice of your job has, in my experience, a huge role in the waking up process. Jobs are the activity in which we spend most of our time and it is crucial you find the job you are meant to do. Not to make a lot of money or become a successful person, but to remember your true nature. By finding the right job, you will meet and be exposed to the right people and events that will help you waking up.

Importantly, you might need to change (or not) jobs in your life in order to be exposed to other people needed to assist you in your evolution. As long as we are attach to the material aspect of our working job (money, career, stability) we loose the big picture. By having fear of change, we preclude the possibility to evolve in the most effortless way and we might need to create more challenging situations in order to have our (more rude) awakening. And since fear is a feature of being identified with the body-mind structure, before you overcome this illusion, faster will be your way back home (see my posts "Look Within You", "No-Self: The First Step Towards You", "Neti-Neti: Who Am I?","Who Is Behind The Scene?", "The Vipassana Meditation Technique").

Some people might need to become scientists to study the laws of nature in order to realize the divine nature of reality. Some people might need to become psychologists to understand the illusion of suffering by discovering that the "I" we think is suffering is false and does not correspond to our true divine "I". Some other people might need to become yoga teachers to get in contact directly with some ancient knowledge pointing to the truth. Some people might need to become priests to realize that there is no external God since we our self are God. Some people might have to do the experience of being killers or soldiers to realize that violence is not the answer to their suffering, obliging them to look within. Some people might need to change tens of partners before realize that the love they are looking for is actually the Love they are. Some people might need to experience with psychedelics in order to realize that this reality is one of the possible dream imagined by us, Consciousness, and that it does not exist an absolute reality in the world of forms.

I could go on forever. As I said it does not matter what you do as long as you find what you are meant to do. Only you, Consciousness, know which path you have created for you and if you have to play the role of an atheist before realizing you are the God you are denying, that is the path you need to follow.

The final purpose of engaging in some sort of activities is to realize that whatever you do cannot complete and satisfy you in the long term. Whatever you are meant to do is simply a school to show you that what you are cannot be achieved by doing or by trying to find surrogates. Any activity you engage yourself (sex, food, job, travelling) is only an attempt to find that unity that you already are but that you cannot see since it is veiled by your mind. By experiencing the impossibility to find real peace and unity in the dual experience, you are then obliged to find an alternative path, that is, looking within.

The world of forms is only a projection, an imaginary world in which you are projecting your own creation to wake up. This dream has no real substance, it is not physical and therefore cannot satisfy you in any way. In the same way your human form cannot be fed by eating a dreamed sandwich, your true nature cannot be satisfied by collecting and eating dreamed objects. Money, sex, food, traveling, partners, jobs are momentary reliefs for the illusory "you" that you think to be but, as you know, all these stuffs have never truly given you long term peace and happiness. If you were a human being they could fulfill you, but since you are not, you need to find some proper food for your true nature.

Whatever path you have created is ultimately an attempt to realize your true Self (see my post "Real Evolution: From "self" To "Self"). This is the path that will finally put an end to your endless appetite, allowing you to get to step three fully conscious of who you are. It is my understanding that whatever we do in the realm of form in name of a sense of urge and need, it simply represents a call from our true nature, Consciousness, to become conscious of our self.

So our goal, as incarnated Consciousness, is to become aware of being Consciousness before physical death puts an end to this earthly experience of duality.

Is this the end? What do we do once we realize this amazing truth? Believe or not, this is actually the beginning. Indeed, this should be what school and society teach us in early age but as we know we are quite far from this achievement. In a society and culture where fear and manipulation are used as main weapons of control, hiding such a truth represents the best way to keep control over sleepy beings (current times are a perfect example of such a modus operandi).

Awakening to the truth that we are God and that therefore we are the creator of our reality means that we can change it and shape it consciously. As long as we consider reality a physical structure such a possibility sounds weird and non-sense but by realizing that we are indeed projecting our own dream, the awakening process allows us to change the dream as we like (like while lucid dreaming during night sleep). In this way no political, economical or religion force can anymore pull us here and there as unconscious puppets.

Much more I need to say about the importance of awakening for the evolution of each of us as individual incarnated Consciousness and as an opportunity for a real revolution within society but I leave this topic for the next post.

I would just like to conclude by stressing the fact that denying and dismissing the fact about you being God it only represents a sneaky attempt both from your own and other's mind in keeping you a slave of their own self-interests and to take away your own authority. Finally, whoever uses this understanding to bring something other than Love is still fooling itself and still forgetful about its real nature.

The aim of the dual experience, the purpose of whatever thrills, moves and excites you in life is eventually a cosmic plan to make you realizing that you are Consciousness and therefore the creator of the reality in which you live where you project what you need to wake up to this astonishing truth.

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