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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Finally I am on and I am really excited to share with you my journey. If within you there is a feeling that something is not totally right, if you are interested in investigating the nature of reality, if you are interested in knowing who you truly are, if you struggle in life, if your life is overwhelmed by suffering, I do invite you to take this journey with me.

Picture Credit: Jeremy Bishop

This work represents for me the climax of an amazing path that I started around five years ago and that has changed completely my life in term of directions to follow and priority in life. My idea is to guide you step by step in this journey by posting weekly new posts about different topics trying to show you how fundamental this work is for any human being. The reason I called my website The Magic of Life is because at the end of the path you will be amazed about how you have been tricked for most of your life believing in something that it turned to be an illusion. Right here, right now there is an illusion, a magical trick that you can discover.


Out of the blue, spirituality became my new passion and still represents something I dedicate most of my time and energy. Spirituality is a topic that at first might seem quite boring and not really in touch with our busy day life but this is a huge misconception. Spirituality will push you to reconsider many beliefs you are holding on right now as truths and with patience and dedication your entire life will undergo a significant transformation. More than anything else, spirituality will challenge you, it will defy you to be brave enough to face your suffering and beliefs and, as a reward, it will liberate you from many assumptions and conditioning that are unconsciously running your life.

The implications of this work, that can be called Consciousness Work, cannot be appreciated at first and are mostly underestimated due to our total ignorance on the subject. What spirituality will try to point you goes far beyond any expectation. Spirituality deals with what is absolute true about your nature and the world in which you live. Becoming conscious of your true nature is what in spirituality is called enlightenment. Even though this realization is a fundamental step, it represents only the beginning for a deeper investigation about the reality you live in. In my posts I will firstly mainly talk about enlightenment and only later on, when the foundations are solid enough, I will explore the implications of this realization.

Even though was easier for me (for unknown reason) not to give up during this magnificent journey, I encountered enormous amount of resistance and traps with the attempt to persuade me to stop pursuing the Truth about myself. At the beginning I actually did not even know what exactly this enlightenment thing was all about, but somehow my feelings were strong enough to invest time on it and the outcome went beyond any possible expectations. The main difficulty about this work is that it is not valued by our modern society and it gives you zero material benefits while into the process. It might actually get you in trouble with your friends, family or re-evaluating your current life because it challenges profound beliefs about our self and the world we live. For some people, according to their definition, does not even fall into the category of work and it is seen as philosophy, mental entertainment, something that has no impact and benefit in our daily life. Even though only you can verify this for yourself, these assumptions are the result of profound ignorance on what the spiritual journey entails.

This journey will shake your world, your believes, ideas, assumptions on what you thought to be true about yourself and reality. Consciousness Work is not meant to give you a new theory or believe to hold on blindly. It just invites you to become conscious of what is absolutely true.

Picture Credit: Jeremy Bishop

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