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It Is All Mind!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

This post will focus exclusively on the power of mind: an incredible, highly sophisticated and intelligent tool used by Consciousness to ground itself in its own dream. Everything is mental and imaginary and understanding the mechanisms how the human's mind operates and tricks your true nature is essential to be able to transcend it.

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"The physical you and the world in which you live are in reality

appearances within Consciousness's Mind.

The way how you relate and live within the dream

is totally dependent on your limited mind.

It is all mind!"

Before starting, I do encourage you reading my previous post entitle "A Dream Called Reality", where I settle the premise of what reality is, according to my own experience. In a nutshell, reality is not a physical structure made out of physical objects and following physical laws but rather a dream dreamed by the infinite intelligent Mind of Consciousness.

Your body, the place you find yourself right now, your family, friends, parents, your favorite food are not made out of physical substances and they do not exist in any objective way. They are made out of Consciousness's Mind, that is, a non-substance. What seems to be other than That is the result of an illusion, a conceptual superimposition of the human's mind that labels reality in such a way to allow Consciousness grounding and experiencing its own dream.

That is how some-thing came out of not-thing: the some-thing is an illusion, it only appears to exist but it never existed as a thing, as an individual, physical and independent object. In reality there was, is and always be no-thing (see also my post "Before The Big Bang").

For the sake of clarity of this post, we could say there are two "you": what you think you are, that is the illusory you, a product of Consciousness's imagination and the real you, that is, Consciousness, the only reality existing. Consciousness is the dreamer and what you think to be is the avatar that is needed to ground your true nature within the dream. As in a night dream, the avatar is not a physical individual having its own existence but an imaginary being made out of the dreamer's mind. So are you as a human being: an imaginary being coming out from Consciousness's mind that at the moment believes to be a physical entity living in a physical world.

The creation of an ego, that is, what we think we are, is necessary for Consciousness to take a position, a reference point in order to experience what it is imagining, what we call the Universe. Consciousness, in its pure state, has no forms and it has infinite potential, intelligence and creativity in what to imagine and the "physical" reality we all are experiencing is one outcome out of its infinite Mind. To ground itself within the dream, the infinite Mind of Consciousness is limiting and shrinking its imagination in order start the grounding process. It is like an infinite land of water forming a vortex or a wave in order to stand as something.

The reality that unfolds and surrounds us, including what we call our own "physical" body, is actually a dream made out of Consciousness's Mind and within the dream, Consciousness's Mind splits and limits itself in many different minds that represent what we erroneously call our self. Each of us, each personality represents a figment, a fraction of the infinite Mind of Consciousness in order to take part within the dream.

Importantly, our limited mind is a still made out of Consciousness's Mind, there is nothing else in reality: what seems to appear other that That is a deception, a misinterpretation of the limited mind that sees thing rather than no-thing, like a wave seeing other waves instead of water (see my post "Like water" and "The Illusion Explained").

As said, the contraction movement is necessary for Consciousness to create (imaginary) borders and limitations, to define what is "me" and what it is not "me". Without these relative borders Consciousness could not operate within its dream as your dreamed character could not function within your night dreams. The borders are necessary for the survival of the avatar within the dream. More distinctions are created and imagined out of a reality that has none, more chances has the limited mind to survive within the dream. However, at the same time, more distinctions are drawn, further we move as limited mind from our true nature.

That is what we have been doing since childhood. At the very beginning there was no limited mind. Consciousness's Mind was still expanded and unlimited. When a new body appears within the dream, it slowly starts the process of identification and contraction to ground Consciousness's Mind in a specific area of the dream, what we will call our body. In this period Consciousness's Mind is like a sponge that absorbs anything is happening around as pointers to anchor itself within the dream in order to survive.

It starts to recognize a body as its body, it starts to recognize unknown people as his/her mother and father, its starts to define borders in his/her surrounding, it learns how to manipulate people around in order to get what he/she wants etc. What we call me and you, family, friends and enemy, healthy or unhealthy food, fat or skinny, rich and poor, sun and moon are all IMAGINED DISTINCTIONS created by Consciousness's Mind in its contracted form in order to survive within the dream.

Distinctions are literally the existence of the thing. Before no-things were existing, no physicality was present: just Consciousness's Mind unfolding in what we are experiencing every day and what our limited mind calls the world. All was one, made out of the same substance where no differences and distinctions were present. Only with the arising of the limited mind those distinctions start to exist and what was one magically becomes two, three etc. What was only a dream made out of no objects and no-things is, all of a sudden, a world made out of conscious and unconscious beings, plants, animals, ocean, mountains, sun, moon, stars and so on.

All these distinctions are relative to the limited mind, what we erroneously think we are. Being relative, these distinctions are not carrier of any absolute truth. They are imagined, pure creation of our mind. Truth resides beyond distinctions, beyond the limited mind and beyond perception.

Maybe now you start to understand why it is so important to realize all these "philosophical" and spiritual topics. What you think you are, without this contextualization, is trapped to think and to believe to literally be a human being that was physically born, that will die and that has to survive to make it through life. What you think to be is, in reality, only a contraction of your true nature that has limited itself to be part of the dream.

That is why it is so important to look within ("Look Within You", "No-Self: The First Step Towards You", "Neti-Neti: Who Am I?","Who Is Behind The Scene?", "The Vipassana Meditation Technique", "The Importance of Not-Knowing"): because only there our true nature can be revealed. Not in the world of distinctions and concepts, not in the world of objects and things, not in the world of perceptions (see my post "About Perceptions" and "Trust Only Your Direct Experience". Those are as illusory in nature as the mind that created them.

The limited mind, that thinks to exist as an individual being separated from the rest, is totally fooled and its condition will stay the same as long as it keep looking at the world from its own limited perspective. The limited mind's perspective has to be transcended to see the true Self, it has to humble to recognize that its own existence can be only possible thanks to Consciousness's Mind. Limited mind cannot explain Consciousness's Mind, it has to simply surrender to it and be guided by it.

What makes this journey even more exciting is the way how Consciousness's Mind contracts itself in order to ground itself in the dream. There are plenty of personalities living within this world, each with its own features and nuances. And some researchers have found patterns in which mind evolves. These studies have led to the modeling of theories that, in my opinion, are extremely interesting and important to understand what is happening nowadays within society but also in our daily life.

Grasping how Consciousness's Mind evolves once it has grounded itself within the dream, it allows us, as constrained mind, to know where we are standing at and where to evolve to. Moreover, it allows us to stop being judgmental towards others and stop trying to change others. Being aware of these models makes us more open to realize which priorities our and others mind have, which fears and limitations we and others might have according to our level of evolution.

In ultimate analysis Consciousness's Mind is all there is and I believe it is fundamental and exciting for everyone make this discovery. However, getting to know these patterns can already have a huge impact on each constrained mind in order to break some self-imposed limitations and boundaries to move forward to the next level of evolution. I strongly believe that the real aim as human being is to keep evolving, day by day, challenging our own current reality knowing that it represents only a step in the big picture of evolution. The content of our mind is literally our own reality, it is how we see the world and it does influences the quality of our life as avatar within this dream.

Narrower is your understanding of reality as a creation of mind, more suffering you are going to feel since is likely you are going feel trapped and chained to its content. On the other side, deeper is your understanding about how mind works, tricks and enslaves you as an avatar, more pleasant your life will be, always eager to work to get to the next level.

I do not think there is a final evolutionary step. Consciousness's Mind is infinite and it can potentially evolves forever. Consciousness's Mind has "limited" itself to ground itself within reality creating an illusory character out of nothing. Our goal, as avatar, is to expand as much as we can our finite mind in order to free our self from our own impositions.

Consciousness's Mind needed this grounding to participate in the dream but in the first stages of evolution is quite limited in its potential. It is mostly occupied in learning how to survive within the dream. But more we grow, higher are the chance to reach levels of mind that can get closer to our true nature in term of creativity, potentiality and intelligence instead of being caged by it.

I hope I could raise some interest in you about the importance of the spiritual journey and how much practicality is present within it. With future post I would like to present these models of mind to make you aware about their existence. Full credit goes to C.C. Cowan and D.E. Beck for their work on "Spiral Dynamic" and to Susanne R. Cook-Greuter for her work entitled "Nine Levels Of Increasing Embrace In Ego Development: A Full-Spectrum Theory Of Vertical Growth And Meaning Making" (PDF).

If you want an extremely well done predigested summary about both models, I do encourage you to watch Leo Gura's video on Youtube. They are quite long but totally worth and free. Spiral Dynamics "Purple Stage", "Red Stage", "Blu Stage", "Orange Stage", Green Stage", "Yellow Stage" and "The 9 Stages Of Ego Development - Part 1", "The 9 Stages Of Ego Development - Part 2". He will release part 3 soon.

I am not an expert of these topics, I have simply bothered reading the books and watching the videos. I will anyway talk about them in a much shorter way in order to make you aware of their existence. If interested, I do encourage you reading the original works or at least watching the videos.

Instead of loosing time to watch unconscious media information, invest your time in some inner personal work and in studying these advanced models. They will make you aware about your own fears, limitations, suffering and therefore they will allow you to tackle and more importantly overcome them. Moreover, you will be able to set you free from the attempts of other's unconscious minds in manipulating you and they will make you more sympathetic towards others.

But be aware, the real danger is your own mind that at early stage of development is only interested in surviving at any cost. Your job is to expand your mind, challenging whatever belief your are holding on and keep moving to the next step of the never ending process of evolution. The term "self" is totally relative, always moving and evolving and it is our goal to aim to become a better version of our self in order to let Consciousness's Mind experiencing the best out of the dream.

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