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Love Is What We Are

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

This post is going to be a word-by-word transcription of a speech made by Shunyamurti, an inspiring spiritual teacher and founder of an ashram based in Costa Rica where people can gather to meditate, discuss and listen to his powerful teachings.

In my opinion this speech represents the most accurate and high-level description of what reality is and how the human suffering is generated from the lack of understanding and awareness about our true nature.

For a more effective reading I would suggest you reading this text while listening the following video from which I took the speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFwfhukjGiU

"Until we love,

we have not begun to live"


"When all belief has been removed from the surface layers of the mind

what remains is Love.

And thus we can define meditation and yoga

as the practice of the purification and perfection of Love.

Love is what we are, Love is what God is.

Whatever is real, it is real because it is Love.

Love knows no gender, it is not that Love belongs to the divine feminine and that power is represented by the masculine, no.

Our essence, whether in a male or in a female body, is equally the same as pure Love

and that is why there is no difference between us.

The ego works on the principle of desire, not of Love, which comes from the lack of Love in the ego, and the refusal of Love and the fear of Love.

It chooses to desire objects upon which it can project its love

rather than to realize that it is Love.

Now, Love never disappears but it becomes so impure that it turns into its opposite, that is hate, because rather than Love being the purity of God Consciousness, instead desire takes what it can and demands what it can and gives as little as it can.

Because desire is based on fear which is the absence of Love.

And those who wounds others and take rather than giving,

do so because they do not believe that Love is real anymore.

We have become cynics in regards to Love and yet we know in our hearts that we must love.

That Love is a matter of life and death and we are dying as a planetary species

because we have lost touch with Love.

But we must have the courage to realize Love in our hearts,

and to live as Love.

And put down our weapons and our shields

and open our hearts to that pure vulnerability that is willing

to offer Love without demanding its return.

Because even when we have achieved Love, it is possible for that Love to be disturbed. But when we have achieved the ultimate realization that is the source of Love, nothing that happens, including the appearance of psychopathic and radical evil,

will not be able to shake us.

Calm, being able to channel that power of awakening and liberation that can liberate even the most demonic being from their own darkness.

It is the gaining of this power that must be the goal of the spiritual warrior,

so that we can accomplish our work of awakening

and redeeming those souls to be freed from their own darkness.

May we know that gift of grace,

that is the ultimate bliss of the opening of our hearts

to the God of Love who dwells within you.

And you have never been anything but That.

May you accept this truth now without reservation

and be free".

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