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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I would like to spend few more words about what took me on this journey and why I consider spirituality valuable and worth to be pursued.

Picture Taken in Las Piedras, Perù

Spirituality and Consciousness work was not really on my radar for most of my life. Actually, my education could not be more far from it. As I mentioned in the section “About Me”, I attended for more than 10 years the academic world of universities where I first graduated and then obtained a PhD in Biology. These years have been an important part of my life and helped me to growth as a human being. I loved going to the laboratory doing experiments, meeting with people from all around the world, be exposed to so much knowledge, feeling excited in my attempts in discovering how nature works at the very molecular level.

I believe that the initial push that got me into science was a natural desire to discover something about reality and nature that was hidden to my eyes. I always had a sense of curiosity about how things and living organisms function and science in a certain way has satisfied this desire. However, when I was still half way from finishing my PhD, something got broken. I somehow lost this thrill in doing science and I do not hide that the realization that the academic world was not as open and belief-free as I thought has partially contributed to my future choice in quitting science. Somehow I had the feeling that also science was bound to some dogma and unable to get to the real matter of what reality is and how it works.

During these years I met people and read books that introduced me to the the field of spirituality, quite distant from the hard factual science. Spirituality talks about the possibility to discover what is absolute true, about enlightenment, awakening, non-duality, consciousness, awareness, meditation. It claims that we are all one, that we live in an illusion. Needless to say this new knowledge was hard to be tackled from my scientific mind but I felt like I had nothing to lose and I was willing to explore this new territory in search for some existential answers. With time I experienced on myself that spirituality has a practical and tangible aspect and that it hugely differs from any other knowledge. More accurately, it goes beyond intellectual knowledge. This work has crumbled many beliefs I was holding on about myself, others and reality in its absolute term. My first glimpses on what was possible with this work were like petrol on fire for me. I realized that this work could turned out to be a real treasure and since then I have been dedicating most of my spare time to investigate more on the subject.

Certainly, the desire of investigation and discovery was the common denominator of my choices in deciding what to study and how to make my living, but unlike science and any other form of human knowledge, spirituality went far from any expectation allowing me to answer to questions that are at the very base of reality and existence itself. Questions like “Who am I”, “Does God exist?”, Who is God?”, “How something came out of nothing?”, “What is life or existence?”, "What is real and what is unreal?"were finally be possible to be answered in a conclusive way.

The materialistic model we are accepting to view reality is becoming obsolete and already many years ago the quantum physics community, by announcing its theory, has debunk materialism. Though these steps are going into the right direction, spirituality will show you through your direct experience (and not through measurements or laboratory experiments) that reality is not made out of physical objects, that reality is intrinsically mystical, that your own existence is not what you think it is. Even though it has served human beings for centuries and allowed us to make unthinkable discoveries and progresses, materialism has to make space for something more comprehensive, something that will revolutionize every aspect of the society we live in from science to economy, from medicine to politics. It will require time and many barriers to be broken but sooner or later materialism will be studied at school as a theory and not as a cold fact.

In this blog I will try to explain a different way of seeing and living reality, a new perspective that for most people will be probably seen as ridiculous and non sense. Consciousness Work will not feed you with new relative and subjective theories or opinions about reality. It will make you appreciate life in a more deep and profound way.

See you next week guys, thank for reading!

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