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Objectivity Is Your Own Creation - Part 1

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

In this post I will start mining your beliefs that there is an objective reality out there that appears so concrete, physical and indisputable that seems just crazy to question its existence. I do recommend you to read my previous posts to fully grasp what I will be saying here.

Picture Credit: Max Kleinen

"Truth is not a matter of personal viewpoint"

- Vernon Howard -

"The search of Truth is but the honest searching out of

everything that interferes with Truth"

- A Course In Miracles -

Objectivity: being true independently from individual subjectivity caused by perception, emotions, or imagination (from Wikipedia).

There are many different and complex layers of deceptions that are occurring in this precise moment to make you experience life as dual and only a careful inspection can reveal them. What you consider to be objective is nothing else than a misinterpretation of what is actually happening right under your nose.

I hope you will one day get to the point of appreciating the fact that life, to be experienced, needs an illusion to occur, that is to say that there is nothing physically objective in life at all.

The Nothing that you are ("You Are Nothing, You Are Zero: An Effective Path Toward Real Change","Before The Big Bang") has to totally forget to be formless, that is, without qualities. It has to strongly believe to be someone with a particular shape, smell, personality and personal history to be able to fall into the illusion of experiencing something other than itself. The Nothing that you are has to literally create an identity that seems to be physical and objective but that in reality do not exist. This is what is happening right now under your nose.

You, in this precise moment, are unconscious to be that Nothing. You, in this moment, are literally forgetting who you are and playing the character of your own creation, that is nothing else than an illusory entity, a creation that has nothing to do with an objective physical human being that you think to be. You are lost in your own creation.

"Is that so bad?" you might ask. It all depends what you, Nothing, have created. By having spent your last 20-30-40-50 years living unconsciously, your creation is likely to be slightly dysfunctional and your identification with it might be quite unpleasant. Only by going back to your true nature, to what has created this illusion you will be able to fix all your wrong assumptions about you and the reality you have created.

These deceptions are meant to be hard to be discovered. This is the work of a genius (that you are) to be able to experience yourself as something finite and mortal. Once you will move the first steps towards the realization to be the observer behind the scene ("Neti- Neti: Who Am I?", "Look Within You", "No-Self: The First Step Toward You", "Who Is Behind The Scene?"), you will realize that you have no real and objective qualities. The only way you can grasp what I am talking about is by looking within you. Not to find something or someone, but to realize that all you thought to be is witnessed by you.

Once you will discover to be the witness or the observer of the inner and outer world, you will then also realize that you have no objective qualities that can be ascribed to yourself: no colors, no shape, no smell, nothing at all. Does not this realization already represent something worth to be investigated a bit deeper?

The aim of you, Nothingness, is to manifest yourself in a specific form in such a way that you can go around and experience the world without doubting that existence itself is just a trick you are constantly play to yourself. If Nothingness did not perfectly designed this mechanism, it could not fall into the illusion of being a separate entity and therefore it could not enjoy this game called life. The illusion to exist as a finite and limited point of you (a human in our case), has to be flawlessly designed to be experienced as real. If you, Nothingness, knew in every moment that you are nothing at all, that there is nowhere to go and nothing to explore because there is nothing but you, this game called life would not be so exciting as it is.

The illusion must look real. Subjectivity must look objective. Can you see in which situation you find yourself?

Nothingness has to protect this illusion to be a human and to do so has created several levels of illusion and deception to make itself fall into the beliefs that it is a human. It is like Nothingness having Alzheimer or some other mental disorders. But do not laugh at it because "it" is you. You are the one suffering from Alzheimer, you are the one with mental illness, you are the one that thinks to be something when actually there is only you, Nothingness.

Nothingness has to be able to sustain this illusion with such a sophisticate level of tricks that you, as a human, have to feel extremely threaten only by questioning them. Nothingness to be fully able to live its personal Truman Show ("Your Life is a Truman Show"), has to make itself believe that the manifested human form was physically born and that one day will die, that this physical form is different and separate from other forms when in reality there is nothing else but you, Nothingness.

Why is it so hard to awake? Why this reality seems so real and physical, a place where things happen? Why, no matter how much efforts is invested, most of people simply give up before realizing some deep truths? Because this game has been ingeniously designed and protected with sophisticated defensive systems. What do you think emotions, mind, thoughts, perceptions, feelings are if not guardians to sustain this illusion to be someone, to prevent whatever identity you are holding on from being destroyed? Emotions, thoughts, perceptions, feelings are tools that allow Nothingness to protect the illusion of believing to be a human and it has to be sure that the human form feels scared to death in trying to fight the guardians. It has to experience that his life is at stake if only he dares to face them.

The truth is that there is no life at stake because you are simply playing a game with yourself.

After this brief and personal introduction I want to address the most obvious but still overlooked way how you, Nothingness, are deceiving yourself in believing that reality is objective, material and physical. How personal concepts, ideas, believes and opinions are turning subjectivity into objective truths.

We are constantly surrounded by objects, right? Money, cups, dishes, clothes, food, technology, buildings, you name it. The question that I invite you to contemplate is: "Do you look to these objects for what they are or for what they represent for you?". Have you ever realized that most of the time the way you relate to reality is not aligned with what is actually present and that you make most of the story up? Have you ever realized that the way you live life is totally relative to your own identity and beliefs about who you are?

Let 's make some examples.

A gun. For most of people is a weapon that can kill. For the soldier is what might save his life. For a male kid is something really cool to play with. For a female kid is something boring. For people working in the gun industry is the source of money to support its family. For an Olympic athlete represents the mean to win the gold medal.

A church. For a kid might be a simple building. For a religious person is the house of God. For an Islamic extremist is the enemy. For the atheist is a place he will never visit. For the sinner is the place of redemption.

A Nike pair of shoes. For a kid are shoes. For a teenager are Nike shoes, big difference. For a parent are a waste of money. For a communist is the product of capitalism. For an athlete represent the secret key to get to play in the NBA like M.J.

Most of us is not able to see an object for what it is but for what it represents for our own survival as a specific identity. The object gets charged with so many assumptions that we cannot anymore behave objectively. We constantly add to objects personal interpretations, meanings, concepts, ideas, opinions, labels that change our relation to them. The way we relate to any object is strictly conditioned and influenced by the character we have decided to identify with. And the identify comes charged with a full set of emotions, ideas, concepts, beliefs that will make us react in different ways.

Put a gun in front of a new born baby. Will it react in the same way as you do? Put a gun in front of someone that has an armor. Will he react as someone totally vulnerable? Be in the middle of a war surrounded by soldier holding guns. Would you react in the same way than being surrounded by athletes holding the exact same guns? Cut a tree in front of a kid or in front of an environmental supporter. Is the same action of cutting a tree generating the same reaction? Ask to a teenager to wear Nike shoes or the same exact pair of shoes without the brand. What will he choose?

All these examples show that our interpretations of what is there never represent what it is actually there. Our subjectivity deeply influences the reality we live in. Your reaction will be directly proportional to the amount of threatening experienced by your identity. As soon as you take an identity as your true nature, you are going to protect this identity to assure its survival. I am not talking only about physical survival but especially conceptual survival such as being an athlete, being a scientist, being a wife, being an husband, being a mother, being a father, being rich, being poor, being a communist, being an atheist, being a man, being a woman, being a Muslim, being a Christian, being a human.

Anything you think to be carries with itself a full set of assumptions, beliefs, opinions and ideas that are charged with emotions and feelings that will make you react as if they represent an objective truth when threatened.

We lost the ability to see things for what they are and we tend to project on them our ideas, assumptions and opinions about the object. Be honest with yourself. How much the picture I provocatively chose for this post has affected and disturbed you? How much objectivity is present in your reaction in seeing such a picture?

Show the same picture to a kid that never was exposed to such a great deal of information. How would he react? Surely he is going to learn soon to discriminate what is good and what is bad, what is safe and what is dangerous for his own survival. But the point I want to make is that all this baggage of information had to be learnt, an entire set of meaning had to be created to react in a certain way.

Are these reactions representing the picture, what is actually there, or do they represent something you had learnt and turned into an objective truth to be able to survive? How many assumptions had to be created and learnt from you to have whatever reaction you had by seeing the picture? You have unconsciously superimposed concepts as violence, death, war, fear, being wrong, to an image where nothing as such is present.

If instead of this image I had chosen a picture representing a weapon, even more dangerous than a gun, invented by aliens about which you knew nothing at all, what would have been your reaction? Total indifference because you have not superimposed any emotions and meanings to such an object yet.

Our conceptual domain is able to make us see things that are not there. It is able to make you experience different realities according to your relative and subjective world. You have learnt over time many knee-jerk reactions in order to make survive what you think you are, what the gun is pointing at.

I want to stress once again that all these interpretations, assumptions, labeling, identification, ideas, concepts have been created by you. When you were a baby you did not care whether a gun was pointed at you, a tree cut to build an highway, or whether a church represents or not the house of God. These ideas have been given to you and you have made them an objective truth. The reason you did that was because you needed to survive in your family, culture and not accepting these ideas would have caused you a lot of troubles. Your surviving as a new born has strictly depended on your ability to quickly learn from others.

Everything you know is relative. Everything you know is subjective. Everything you know are simply concepts that became an identity, something to be protected. You know everything you know simply because you needed to survive, physically and conceptually. And you still are.

Did Nothingness know all these stuffs before deciding to take a form? Of course not. But Nothingness has created the world of language, the world of concept, the world of mind as guardians to protect whatever identity it has decided to play. Nothingness is not touched by any ideas or concepts that have been created but for you, a human believing to a be human, is different if you do not wake up.

Through Awakening you will see through this illusion. It will help you not to react in life for something that has been ultimately created by you. These distinctions have been made by you, Nothingness, to fall into the illusion of being an objective entity called human and to be able to sustain this illusion.

I invite you to contemplate how much the conceptual domain of ideas, assumptions, opinions, beliefs, judgment, preferences, words are ruling your life. I invite you to become more conscious how your subjective world creates something that is not present in any objective way. I invite you to see how much subjectivity and relativity is present in your life. I invite you to look to your own manipulation techniques that allow you to go through life to protect your identity. I invite you to see things for what they are and not from the perspective of your own survival.

Get rid of all judgments and interpretations about an object. See a gun for what it is and not for what it represents for you as a human. Not easy eh? Your survival conceptual domain immediately kicks in to save your ass.

You might admit that a personal idea or assumption about an event occurred in your life can largely influence what is actually there. But you still believe that a tree represents an indisputably object existing in reality. You might have grasped that considering you to be a stupid or a brilliant person depends exclusively on your subjective state but still no one can deny you to be a human being made out of flesh and bones. Maybe.

Or maybe you, Nothingness, are just playing another more sophisticated trick on yourself.

Dot not underestimate your own creative potential. Do not underestimate the tricks that yourself have created and imposed to yourself to experience life. Some of them, if challenged, can threaten your (illusory) existence as a human.

Thanks for reading.

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