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Objectivity Is Your Own Creation - Part 2

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Today we will keep investigating how you, Nothingness, is tricking yourself to believe to be someone that awakening will reveal to be the product of your own imagination. Reality is formless and it can be experienced not because is objectively physical and material but because you are deceiving yourself in believing it to be physical and objective.

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"Who are we but the story we tell ourselves,

about ourselves and believe?"

- Scott Turow -

One of the aspect that I currently love the most about this work is that it allows me to have a better and a deeper understanding on how myself and others work as humans. We usually give authority to science and religion to discover aspects of our self that seem to be too complicated and difficult to be tackled by our self. Consciousness work taught me that I am the only responsible for what I think to be and for what I create around me. Spirituality taught me that I am the only responsible for the reality I create.

When I have first started doing this work, I thought it would have ended once I had finally discovered who the hell I am. Surprisingly, discovering my true nature represented only the first step towards something much more profound that allowed me holding reality in a completely different way. The realization that what you are is literally formless, that whatever you are is not located within your body and nowhere else, allow you as a human to hold reality in a complete different perspective. It becomes crystal clear that whatever comes into existence, that is, whatever seems to have a form, a shape and a location, is only possible by your own creative potential. It is possible only by you deceiving yourself.

Once you discover, by looking within you ("Look Within You", "No-Self: The First Step Towards You"), that there is nothing physical within you and that what seems to be material and solid is simply a concept, you can grasp the importance in using your mind in a conscious way. What you truly are, Nothingness, is not affected in any way from the kind of thoughts and concepts "arising" from you but the character that seems to exist is going to experience life accordingly to what you decide to see. If you are not aware to be Nothingness and you have been taught to create only negative thoughts and to see reality through shady lenses, your life as a human is going to be hard. By doing this work you will be able to grasp that what you are is untouchable and that you can create the best reality you can imagine for yourself.

I will never be tired to repeat to you that what you think to be is not what you are and that what you truly are is what comes before the thinking you do.

The main mistake in trying to realize the Nothingness within you, is to look for something objective or by doing some sort of activity that will allow you to find yourself. Whatever you do or you think is already a step forwards from that which has to be realized. Nothing has to be done and nothing has to be thought. You just need to realize to be that which witnesses all these activities you are unconsciously doing.

Nothingness, being without attributes and qualities, needs to find a way to give solidity to something that has not. The beauty and the magic of this work consists in realizing that the way how you create reality is by imagination, illusions and deceptions. Physicality and materialism is only a relative way to see reality and this reality makes sense only by believing yourself to be a material physical entity. But once you will realize to be Nothingness, all reality will be seen and experienced from a new perspective.

You need to appreciate the fact that the only way for Nothingness to create physicality is by falling into the illusion of perceiving reality as physical and not by literally creating a physical world. For how crazy it sounds, there is nothing physical in the keyboard I am using and in the laptop screen you are looking at. It only looks that way in order for life to be experienced as physical. Pure magic.

In the previous post ("Objectivity Is Your Own Creation - Part 1"), we have looked together how you, as a human, are able to create a subjective world that is projected into something perceived as objective, mostly for your own survival needs. Each of us can look at a gun or a tree in many different ways accordingly to what that object represents for us. We are able to superimpose our personal ideas, concepts, meanings, values and interpretations to something that has no quality or attribute. Only by creating a value to an object that object becomes useful for us.

I would like now to go a bit deeper into realizing more about your own tricks. As usual you do not have to blindly believe what I am going to say. It is not going to be beneficial for your own personal growth. I just invite you to keep an open attitude to the possibility that what you know does not reflect at all what is happening here. Not knowing should always be the starting point in addressing these existential questions ("The Importance Of Not-Knowing").

When you were a new born baby, what did you know about life? Which religion, culture, sport teams, political party, philosophical movement did you support? Did you know how you come to exist? Did you know that you had a mother and a father? Did you know that you exist? Did you know that you were different from someone else? Did you know that you were a human? Did you know that you were made out of bones, muscles, atoms, energy?

No. You knew nothing. You had no opinion about anything. You had not been influenced or brainwashed by your culture, family and tradition yet. But still you were existing. But as what?

The problem here is that you, that is reading this post, might fall into the temptation to conclude that a new born baby was simply ignorant about its condition and that it simply had to learn about its objective state of being a physical human. You project the material perspective into reality because this is how you were raised by your family and culture. In reality, the baby does not learn to be a human, it creates this distinction from nothing.

To say that you have learnt something it means that you became aware of something that objectively exists in reality of which you were not aware before. But this is not what happens. You have literally created something out of nothing. And you are constantly doing it. You are just unconscious of what you are doing. It is your own creative potential that allows you to give existence to something that had no qualities at all before this process occurred.

Just to not leave any doubt about what I am saying, there is no baby unless you, Nothingness, think there is. There is no you, there is no other, there is no world unless you, Nothingness, fall into the illusion that something different from yourself exists.

The only way you know that you exist is because you, Nothingness, that has no shape and qualities, think to exist. The only way you, Nothingness, can get to know yourself is by forgetting to be formless and by creating distinctions. The first distinction you have created to experience yourself as a specific form is "me" and "others". But this distinction is not an objective fact.

You have created what is you and what is yours versus what is not you and what is not yours to be able to survive as a human.

If you, Nothingness, could not make these distinctions it would have been quite messy to experience yourself. It is important to grasp that I am not saying that whatever you see, smell, touch and hear is not present right now. I am saying that in reality there is no one that sees, smells, touches, hears and there is nothing to be smelt, touched, heard and seen unless you, Nothingness, forget to be formless and start creating these distinctions. There is no you, there are no hands, no bodies, no mind, no trees, no others, no world unless you create these distinctions.

As Peter Ralston says: "distinctions are existence itself".

There are many way how Nothingness creates distinctions. Nothingness, under the form of animals or plants, create distinctions throughout what science call perceptions or instinct. By taking a human shape, Nothingness got even more sophisticated and has added to perceptions and feelings, complex emotions and the conceptual domain, that is, mind.

That is what, in my opinion, evolution is about: Nothingness being able to create more and more distinctions until being able to experience itself in the most coherent way. We, as humans, are the most beautiful expression of the desire of Nothingness to know itself from many different perspective. Taking the shape of a rock did not allow Nothingness to experience itself as a rock. A rock does not know to be a rock. Only through the human form, a rock and the entire world can now be experienced by Nothingness.

But remember: there are no rocks, no animals, no plants, no humans, no world, no Universe unless you, Nothingness, create these distinctions. A human is not a physical human as science or our culture make us think. A human is nothing else that Nothingness becoming conscious of Itself, a vehicle through which it can get to know itself in its totality, that is, what we call the Universe. For how much poetic and at the same time crazy it might sound, discovering that there is no one behind the eyes, it also means realizing that you are Nothingness looking through yourself at yourself.


By this realization you can become conscious that you are in power of your life and that you create your reality. You, as a human, have the possibility to make experience to yourself, Nothingness, the best reality ever by being conscious of your creation, that is, in creating amazing and original distinctions that are functional to your being a human.

One of the rejection coming from people still stuck in the materialistic paradigm might be: "If I can create anything I want, why cannot I create money out of nothing? Why cannot I become a bird by simply imagining to be a bird?". You need to understand that the form you find yourself represent the will of Nothingness to experience life through this specific form. And each form by definition have limitations. A rock cannot walk, a bird cannot talk, a tiger cannot fly, a fish cannot run, a star cannot read, the sun cannot be dark, and you as a human have many limitations as well. So as a human, as a manifested form you cannot do whatever you want because you, Nothingness, had to give limitations to yourself to experience life in a certain way.

But we, humans, find our self in a very particular position. We are able to give the possibility to experience our self, Nothingness, in a unique way much more different than what a rock, an animal or a plant are able to do. You, Nothingness, can experience yourself in a much more nuanced and complex way than any other forms present on this planet.

As Jason Silva said: "The human condition is no small picnic. We are uniquely aware, which is both our blessing and our curse. We have the mental capacities to ponder the infinite and seemingly capable of anything and at the same time we are decaying bodies. We are the specie that can sing a song that orchestrates the Universe and we are the specie that has to take a shit once a day. And so even our greatest dreams and ecstasy are tinged by a bit of sadness, turmoil, grief and by the paralyzing realization that we are impermanent and that one day we will die".

You are Nothingness, that has decided to limit yourself to experience yourself. And by doing it you, that have no objective qualities and therefore are eternal, voluntary set a time window for this form to be experienced. Life is the time we can enjoy this opportunity to experience our self as a specific form, and death is the end of this manifested gift that you, Nothingness, has decided to give to yourself in order to experience life. Death is simply a way back to your formless state ready, maybe, to give yourself another chance to experience the illusion to be something different from itself.

To summary the message of this 2 part posts (wait for part 3), you have to discover that you are the Nothingness that through the creation of distinctions give objectivity to something that has no objective qualities. The most important distinction you needed to make to experience yourself as a specific form is "you and others". Doing so you, Nothingness, have created a solid illusory base to believe to have a body and a mind, to be mortal. From now on you can, through mind, go around to label those distinctions you have created to give them a name, to give them a meaning and an interpretation that are functional to your own survival as a specific form. Through these steps you gave existence to something that in reality has no objective existence, that is, yourself.

As long as you live life under the illusion to be a human, your actions will be survival-based and nothing good will come out of this experience called life. Unlike other forms, we can wake up from this illusion. A cat or a rock, are nothing else that Nothingness, but they cannot become aware and grasp the beauty of existence. You as a human can become conscious of the magic of life and I believe it is your responsibility to create the best experience to yourself.

By awakening, the mask or the identity you will be wearing as a human is going to be aligned more and more towards the realization of your true nature.

My invitation is therefore to undertake this journey within yourself because it represents, in my opinion, the only way to reconcile the numerous paradoxes present in life that make us, humans, suffer. Understanding who you truly are will make you experience life in a different perspective and it will give you the necessary strength to live through the paradox to be at the same time eternal and mortal.

Thanks for reading.

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