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Objectivity Is Your Own Creation - Part 3

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

In this final part I would like to invite you to open up to the possibility that the way you look at reality can be changed at your will and consequently your life will experience differently. There are no real and objective rules or limitations to this process. You are potentially able to change your reality in every moment. You are just not conscious of being capable of doing so.

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"Clean your lenses

through which you look at reality".

As much as it sounds crazy, what I have tried to make you realize during my last two posts ("Objectivity Is Your Own Creation - Part 1", "Objectivity Is Your Own Creation - Part 2") is that what you truly are, Nothingness, is literally creating the illusion to be a physical self to be able to experience a world that is not objectively existing out there but that is the result of an illusion. The existence of you, as a physical human, and of the whole universe is an illusion. This illusion consists in deceiving yourself about the existence of objects through the creation of distinctions, such as "me" and "you", "this" and "that". Once the distinction has been created, "things" come into existence and only then these "things" can be labeled, named and valued through the creation of meanings, interpretations and values (other distinctions).

How do you prove the existence of any object present in the room you find yourself without relying on your personal and therefore subjective perceptions and senses? If I ask you to close your eyes, cover your ears, nose and mouth and do not move your hand how do you prove that objects, others and the world exist?

You cannot. The only way to prove that a chair exists is by using your subjective faculties.

This leads to the interesting question of: "What if, by looking the same object, I see red and you see green? Who is right? The paradox of which no one, science included, seems to be intrigued is that we have learnt to label objective something that is nothing else than a subjective consensus between mine and your experience and to label as crazy, false, wrong, weird and non-sense the perspective that seems to not fit this way of seeing reality.

There is nothing objective in reality, it is all about you, Nothingness, taking a specific and personal look into the world, that is nothing but you. It is all about you, Nothingness, experiencing yourself from infinite point of views all of which are equally true and valid.

These statements sound crazy only from the perspective of holding reality as material and physical. By becoming conscious of what is happening right now, physicality and materialism will then sound non-sense to you. Craziness, as everything in reality, is a matter of perspective and do not represent an objective fact.

Grasping directly what has been said here, will put you in the position of realizing that you have the power to create and demolish your reality at will. Right now you are looking at reality through some specific lenses that have been offered to you as an objective truth and you, being a child in desperate need of survival, have accepted in faith this version of reality. Since it is likely that the people that have shaped and modeled your lenses were not conscious of many things, such as that your true nature is far from being a simple human being, you have grown up into an illusion, into a sort of Truman Show ("Your Life is A Truman Show").

It is now time to wake up from this illusion and get back your full power, authority and responsibility of your own potential. Being you the "something" that can create any possible character and that is able to give any value and meaning to anything happening in this human life, it is important to be conscious of your potential. At the moment most of us are driving a Ferrari without a driving license and we are bound to crash. It is likely that the creations we are manifesting are causing suffering to our self as human and to others. This craziness is all around us: war, racism, environmental pollution, corruption, violence became normal activities in our society because we are not conscious of who we are.

If everyone is this world knew to be Nothingness and was aware of the implications of this discovery, this world would be heaven. But we are lost in our own creation and the character we have designed is highly dysfunctional, only preoccupied to its own survival.

The power of knowing who you are resides in understanding that everything in reality is subjective and that there is nothing out there that can make your life nasty to live. We are the only responsible for our condition.

One of the most mind blowing implication in grasping to be Nothingness is that everything is you and that what seems to be other than you is the result of an illusion aimed to experience the world from a specific and unique perspective. By living life in a state of delusion, we tend to be stuck into the believe that what we are and the reality around us cannot be changed, an assumption that inevitably leads us to enormous suffering.

I have experience this illusion on my skin ("First Glimpses Towards My true Nature") and for years I have created my own hell. Heaven or hell are not physical places where we are going to once dead, but they represent the reality we create in this life. Awakening represents the journey to experience heaven right here right now by waking up from the illusion to be an objective physical self.

What you think to be, the character you are playing ,the self you are identified with is relative. Relative means that it can be changed and nothing but yourself can limit and prevent you to become someone else.

Try. Try every day to do something that moves away from the idea you have about yourself and about the situation you find into. If you are a shy person try to talk to a stranger. If you are worried about money, go out there and promote yourself and your business. If you think is too late to learn something, challenge yourself. If you are used to think negatively, try once in a while to have a positive thought. If you get insulted, try to smile.

You have infinite lenses from which to see and interact with reality but you have learnt to react and create the same pattern over and over. You, for survival needs, are used to knee-jerk reactions that make you think that reality cannot be seen through a different perspective and this limitation make you suffer. By being Nothingness you have no real and objective boundaries. You have not only the freedom but also the potential to address and relate any situation with creativity and imagination. Do not limit yourself. Becoming aware that limitations and obstacles are subjective creations, represents the first step towards real transformation as a human being.

But why is so damn difficult to make such a shift?

As I have personally experienced, the most dysfunctional behaviors get trashed immediately into the bin right after becoming conscious of your true nature. Others are hard to die. The reason is because to exist means to have an identity. Existence goes hand in hand with survival. Only by being Nothingness itself, you will not be triggered by any survival needs, condition that can be reached through meditation, yoga or through psychedelics. But these states are impermanent and will not help you dealing with your current human form without a strong and voluntary commitment in trying to change your condition. These techniques are powerful tools to show you what is possible but then it is your responsibility to make the work for a real and long lasting change.

As you might have realized, at the moment Nothingness has decided to take a specific form and to experience itself as a human. And you, as a human, every day are identifying yourself to be someone. You need to realize that whatever identity you decide to take comes with pro and cons, with the cons being the need to maintain and protect your identity.

Being a woman, being a man, being a scientist, being a sportive person, being a successful guy, being a environmental supporter, being a victim, being a an Italian, you name it. These are not objective facts. These are all the result of you, Nothingness, identifying with some ideas that have been created and superimposed by yourself to yourself. Each of this identity has its own unique attributes that will be challenged by someone else holding to a different identity or by something threatening its integrity. And the common feature in holding on an identity is fear. Fear that our identity will be hurt.

Christians fear Muslims, science fears religion, democrats fear republicans, white people fear black people, men fear weakness, humans fear death. Fear is usually manifested through blaming, judgment, projection and mocking. Each identity is simply a bunch of subjective beliefs, assumptions and dogma about what we think we are and that we hold as being objective. How hard if for a scientist to open up to the possibility that God might exist and that is the creator of the whole universe? How hard is for racist people admitting that black people are not different from them?

Try to identify your own identities and to see how they rule your life. Then try to challenge them and to do something that goes against what you think to be. I assure you that it is an extremely hard task to achieve even for the most stupid identification you have. Because your existence depends on what you think to be. The distinctions you have created in order to exist allow you to experience life from a specific point of you. If you were able to remove all the distinctions you have created in your life, you will not be able to experience life as a specific form and this is an extremely scary things for your sense of being a human.

There is no need to challenge all the identities you have created. I would like simply to invite you to realize that what you think to be is something that you, Nothingness, has created and nothing prevents you to dismantle your own creation if detrimental for your being a human.

You and only you have the power to change your life for the best and this work gives you the awareness and the strength to do so.

Your aim, as a manifested human, is to realize that everything is relative, including your sense of being a physical self and the sense of having an identity. All your ideas, assumptions, concepts, dogma are simply representing your personal opinion and do not describe any objective reality. Your aim, as a human, is to admit your own bias coming from your survival needs and to toss them out when dysfunctional for your well being. Your aim, as a human, is to understand how others are unconsciously making decisions in order to protect their own identity and their own way to see reality. Ultimately your aim, as a human, is to grasp that you, others and the world are Nothingness creating distinctions in order to experience itself.

By looking at reality with different lenses your life, as a human, will be much more easy, pleasant and magic. By realizing that you are the one behind the lenses allows you to change these lenses at will.

Thanks for reading.

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