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Real Evolution: From "self" To "Self"

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

When we think about human evolution, we all think about the process through which apes evolved into modern humans. In this post I would like to address what true evolution is about, a process that utterly transcends the materialistic model of reality.

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"The Purpose of Life?

Realizing you are God, nothing less".

Consciousness's work has completely changed my life. It turned reality upside-down causing initial phases of strong distress that eventually left space for a constant sense of joy and awe. This work made me realize that 99,99% of the information I received throughout my life were largely inaccurate and highly distorted by a society and by people that did not bother to question what was being said and taught. The content was there, but the interpretation of what was seen was largely contaminated by the materialistic paradigm. A dogma that claims that what we are is ultimately a biological entity that was born and that will die, an entity that is made out of matter and that is surrounded by a world which we have to defend and protect from.

Such a perspective cannot leave any other option than suffering and pursuing a life that is focused in playing hard in order to squeeze the most out of this earthly experience before our cruel fate is going to put an end on it. The belief to be ultimately a human being made out of flesh and bones makes us interact with others and with our surrounding with a sense of competition with the urge to prevail in order to establish our individual supremacy to ensure our self a comfort zone until death will take everything away.

Is it really this what life is about? Is it reality only a mechanical and inert structure that has no interest whatsoever in what happens within itself? Is it really our job to make it through the end no matter which means we use? Is it the world really an unknown place from which we need to defend from?

Fortunately no, at the contrary. Existence cannot be centered on money, we cannot live for our jobs, our highest goal cannot be owning a house or a car, we cannot constantly fight with others and with our environment. Reality is an intelligent and benevolent "structure" where no limitations and no separations exist, intimately connected with everything is happening within it and that has a clear goal, that is, to awake to its infinite nature. Even though you are not probably aware of it yet, you are the whole reality that is currently thinking to be only a fraction of it and your goal is to realize your being One. Reality can be also named as Consciousness since That which you are is being conscious of what is happening right now, that is, your own creation.

Consciousness in its pure state is simply being, it does exist but it does not know that it exists. In the same way the color white cannot know to be white until another color makes its appearance, Consciousness cannot know anything about itself until another frame of reference comes to be. Therefore, to actually know to exist and to know more about its infinite creative potential, it has decided to split itself to create a subject-object duality. However, this split it is only apparent and it does not represent an objective physical separation. Consciousness, in order to create another perspective had to only forget to be one and to start thinking to be two: "I am here and you and the world is over there".

This is the illusion, this is the magic of life (see also my post "The Illusion Explained"). Reality is and will always be one but through the power of mind we think that reality is made out of a multitude of physical and objective things and beings existing "out there" having their own existence (see my posts "The Importance Of Mind" and "Mind: A Double-Edge Tool". This (apparent) step of separation was only necessary for Consciousness to create another (illusory) perspective in order to recognize its infinite power, a sort of a game to test what was able to create out of its infinite potential. It is a plan based on love for creation, love to know itself and to be able to experience and become conscious of its infinite being from infinite points of view, each experiencing a unique fraction of this infinite power.

Being humans is simply the way through which what we truly are, Consciousness, experience itself from a limited point of view in order to make the experience of duality that allows us to know about our self. Something we could not do by not taking a specific perspective, by swimming in our infinite and formless state. Each human is like a floppy disk that is collecting experiences, facts, information that are informing what we truly are, Consciousness, about its immense power of creation. That is why I think science is working for God (God being Consciousness in religious terms). Science, that is nothing else than forgetful Consciousness, is not studying an external physical and objective Universe but it is informing Consciousness about its own creation through modeling and equations.

Consciousness in its pure state is already infinite and absolute, it is already infinitely creative and loving but it is not conscious of it. It needs to limit itself, take a unique perspective and become conscious about its nature. This is the goal of being "incarnated" in the form state: become conscious of being infinite, become conscious of being God itself, give our self this knowledge that was not possible if we had not bothered to (apparently) divide our self.

That is what real evolution is about: to stop thinking to be a physical self and realize to be the Self, to stop believing to be one and realize to be the One. As I said in my previous posts "The Magic Shift: Turn The Outward In" and "How To Be Happiness", Consciousness is an intelligent being and it planted in all of us the seed to come to this final conclusion. We all start from and end up to the same place, that is, Consciousness but what changes is what relies in between: the path we decided to take and the choices we chose to make as incarnated Consciousness will define the amount of information we will be able to give to our self.

Each of us has its own path because Consciousness wants to experience and gets to know itself in all infinite ways possible but the final goal is to use those experiences to come to the conclusion to have always been Consciousness trying to not get lost in the process. Mind will get attached to the illusory human form, to its material pleasures, to the temptations of the external world keeping you away from the real purpose of life, that is, waking up to the realization to be Consciousness/God and to conduct your life in alignment with this understanding.

If you, Consciousness, keep identifying yourself with the mind, that is, with the belief to be a human, you will probably end up taking decisions that will prevent you from realizing this important truth. Mind will mostly be interested in gaining power, success, money, food, sex and in chasing happiness by finding the right partner, visiting the right places as if those goals had real and objective values and not being a product of our own imagination. Those achievements are surrogates to find temporal relief from the sense of lack we feel in being identified with a specific form, they represent shots of quick instant love, ways to experience a sense of completeness without realizing that what we are is already complete and love itself.

The unique seed that has been planted in you is meant to be your personalized guidance to reach the truth and it is therefore important to not conform to others in order to satisfy other's mind because mind does not know what is best for your path. Mind is not an intelligent structure, it is a survival machine that absorbs information to function and operate in the world. Mind is the servant, remember. Rather than intellect, intuition should guide you in finding your path that is meant to show you the truth through the challenges that have been created by you to wake up. Intellect belongs to the mind dimension, intuition belongs to your true nature, instead.

The purpose of life is to realize you are God and if you are meant to live in poverty to achieve this understanding, that is your path. For others might be living in richness, for others might mean to be a Hollywood stars or a manual worker. It does not matter the content as long it feels right using your intuition. There is not real value in the content of what you do, nothing is better than something else, everything is valuable as long as it is guided by your inner intuition that is nothing else than Consciousness, an intelligent being that knows what is necessary for you in order to wake up and become finally conscious of its being infinite.

Do not let fear interfering with this marvelous plan. Do not let mind distracting and tempting you with illusory achievements. Do not copy others thinking that you should do the same. Do not let mind to get lost and give real value of what is meant to represent only a mean to reach Happiness. Enjoy the unique path that you, Consciousnesses, have created for the particular form in which you find into right now in order to wake up to the truth of being the only reality existing.

The "external world" is not independent from you, but rather your own creation to awake to your true nature. Everything that happens to you, every people you meet, every words you hear is meant to teach you something with the goal to realize you true nature, it has been sewn perfectly for you. Why? Because it is you, literally. Your partner, your boss, your friends, your physical and mental dysfunctions, the society you live into are all your own projections created to learn something of which you are not conscious yet. And the best way to become conscious of something is to manifested it in your own reality in order to face it and integrate it with the final object of becoming conscious of being Consciousness/God itself.

What we call the "external world" represents in reality a mirror that shows us where we need to work to go beyond the illusion of being someone living in a physical world. Since it is our own mirror it perfectly knows our blind spots and weaknesses and it easily triggers us. Self-observation is the key to transform those physical, mental and emotional triggers in food to turn the self into the Self (see my post "Self-Observation - The Ultimate Guide").

Most of us have accepted the big lie of being a part of the whole instead of being the whole and by doing so we have divided the world in two: here is "me" and over there is the "others". By doing so we tend to appropriate of what is good and consider extraneous what we do not like, not seeing that they are still part of our self but projected into the "external world".

To solve and put an end to this misunderstanding we need to realize that those projections are shadows that we do not want to accept, that we hide in the unconscious and that we need to integrate, to make the entire reality our home. And once we have learnt a lesson, we will literally change our projections and consequently the world in which we live until the whole world will look perfect and beautiful as it is.

We cannot change and clean the world by going outward because the impurities we see in the world are our own projections and not objective imperfections. Even though we might solve the problem for a while, sooner or later we will project our own shit into the world making this process endless. If you really want to help the world to be a better place and to clean it from all the injustices present right now, you need to clean your own shadows through the understanding that the world is literally a manifestation of your own projection. Your true nature is love and beauty and once you will discover to be God, the world will be God-like. On the contrary, if you keep thinking to be a human, the world will be human-like and the results are under everyone's eyes.

Realizing to be Consciousness itself is the purpose of life. Consciousness already is perfect, loving and beauty but is does not know it. You, as a manifested form, need to wake up from the illusion you are trapped into to be able to inform Consciousness to be Consciousness. Each of us has the goal to leave aside our egoic desires and achievements linked to the belief of being something other than Consciousness and reveal the perfection, love and beauty that always lies under the blindness of mind.

Take any physical, mental and emotional challenge as an opportunity to grow and evolve vertically (see my post "Horizontal Vs. Vertical Growth") rather than reacting in the same old way. Use those projections to become aware of what you are resisting to or refusing to integrate. There is nothing in existence that is not you since you are the only reality existing and those parts you are refusing are simply a side effect of thinking to be a part rather than the whole.

The life you are living as a sole human is an illusion, a Truman show (see my post "Your Life Is A Truman Show") that is preventing you to see the magic of life. To each of us, daily, is given the opportunity to wake up to this fabulous truth and it is our responsibility to row in that direction. No one will do it for you, for the simple reason that there is no one but you.

Needless to say, what has been said here needs some deep understanding from your side that goes beyond any ideology of what you think God might be and it requires serious work needed to prevent what you think you are, alias the mind, to take those words as an invitation for megalomania and to give space to more disillusions. These words are not meant to give birth to any fanatic behavior but only to invite you in discovering what is true about yourself and the world.

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