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Reincarnation And Fate

In this post I would like to talk about the topic of reincarnation and fate taking as reference an interesting book written by Thorwald Dethlefsen "The Challenge Of Fate". I will use some of the ideas present in it to make personal considerations according to what has been so far my inner journey.

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“If you're really a mean person

you're going to come back as a fly and eat poop.”

- Kurt Cobain -

If you have read some of my previous posts, you should be aware of how much I stress the importance of direct experience in the so called spiritual path. This inner journey has nothing to do with some sort of dogma and unfortunately for science it cannot be proven by any experiment and measurement: within you there is The Proof of an higher reality that will re-frames as relative and illusory what was previously thought to be an absolute reality.

To summarize my previous posts in a sentence, what you might discover by undertaking this path is to realize that ultimately you are not a human being but Consciousness, that is, That which is conscious of anything present in existence. If you want to know more about this topic, I warmly invite you to read any of my previous posts where I guide you in considering this scenario as an actual reality.

For my 50th post I would like to talk about something slightly different than usual but that is profoundly connected with what I have been personally talking about so far in this blog. If I had read this book 5 years ago I would have not appreciated the profound ideas underlying what is being said in it and being at that time stuck in the materialistic paradigm, I would have dismissed it as mere philosophy. Once again, I have no proof for anything it will follow and I leave to you the job to make your own considerations. For the matter I have no proofs for anything concerning my blog.

Who truly knows, that is, who has made direct experience of any truths underlying what seems to be real, truths that are not a by-product or a trick of the mind, neither have to believe in anything it is being said nor needs any external validations.

In a specific chapter of the book, the author points to the fact that all around us there are plenty of evidences pointing to the law of cycle within life: day and night, dreaming and waking state, dawn and sunset, low and high tides, all events repeating over and over without interruption. Therefore, it will be non-sense to negate that the same principle applies to life and death. It is important to clarify that the author does not refer to the human biological machine, that is, the body and the mind: what is subjected to reincarnation is the Soul that life after life uses a different body as a vehicle to walk into the physical world.

What we call death in the physical realm, it nothing else than the transition from the physical world to the transcendental one. On the other end, what we call life in the physical realm, it is death on the transcendental side. From this perspective, it is clear that, as anything else manifested within reality, death is a relative concept, nothing absolute: it depends from which dimension you are looking at it.

The author particularly stresses the fact that the only aim of each Soul incarnated in the body is to accomplish a specific goal (or more) in order to evolve. Our aim, as Souls, is to expand our awareness and learn specific lessons that we will encounter during each single life. Each life is, in this sense, preset, that is, our fate has been decided from the moment our Soul has incarnated in a specific body. Our freedom consists in deciding whether or not to follow this fate. Reality will give us anything we need to accomplish the goal that has been assigned to us in each life and it is our own decision and responsibility whether or not to listen to it.

The heart is the only real guide given to us to be able to intuit what has to be followed to accomplish our fate. The rest, that is, the mind, the body, emotions and feelings are tools given to us to materially actualized our fate. If, as often happens, we take the mind as our guide we will be bound to suffering since the mind is not connected to the Soul and it does not know what it has to be done. Only the heart knows, and the mind has to simply follow the orders.

As Red Hawk said: "The mind is a marvelous obedient servant, but a cruel, ruthless, and inefficient master. It is not meant to be a master and yet our education system trains it to be exactly that. It is not capable to do what we ask of it, to be the master, so it "breaks down" constantly reality, making our behavior mechanical, ineffective and repetitive".

Every time our Soul incarnates in a new biological machine it has to evolve, it has to pass all the tests assigned to it, continuously evolving each life span. Our planet Earth should be seen as a school in which each Soul has to make its own homework. As it happens in our schools, if the Soul is able to evolve and overcome all the given tests it will move on to the next class, otherwise future lives will be required to repeat the same lesson. Unlike our school system, in this school, we cannot cheat and everything that is supposed to be learnt will have to be learnt sooner or later.

The author claims that all the events of our life are pieces of a bigger puzzle that the mind cannot understand through logic. Nothing is casual, there is no coincidence in life. Everything happening in our life has a profound meaning, it serves a purpose to let us accomplish our goal(s). Also personal diseases or accidents are part of this plan, powerful tools to get back on track if we did not get the first signs of warning. Once again, our fate is set and sooner or later we will have to learn the lessons given to us: it is up to us whether we want to follow these signs consciously, trusting our heart and experiencing a smoother path or reaching the same results in the hard way, being subjected to gradually more challenging situations in order to get the point.

What the author suggests seems quite mean and difficult to digest. But this is the reaction coming from the mind, a tool designed to survive life after life. Mind will never accept any theory about reincarnation because for the mind death represents a real threat and it is its job to show some degree of skepticism about it. Actually, mind has all the rights to be afraid because death will indeed represent its end. Reincarnation applies only to the Souls, to something that has no form and that cannot be pointed. All the rest will indeed die, body and mind included.

The concept of fate makes sense only from the understanding of the Soul going through several incarnations, not a single one. One life is not sufficient to learn all the lessons we are asked to. This long term perspective could explain why some people are luckier than others, healthier than others, richer than others. If we take as reference only one life, a great injustice will seem to exist and it will be almost impossible to accept an unfavorable situation. We will tend to compare our miserable life with the one of others, falling into the trap of blaming the world and our destiny.

But by taking plausible the existence of several lives, everything would change.

Firstly, each of us would take full responsibility every single day lived on this planet to evolve, to learn as much as possible and to overcome as many lessons as given in order to have the possibility to live the next reincarnation from a more favorable position. To be clear, "favorable" does not mean richer or healthier but more conscious, more aligned with the law of reality, less prone to follow the mind and more awoken spiritually.

No one would ever project to others its problems but rather she/he would understand that any difficulty represents something that has not been solved previously in earlier lives or something that represents a new challenge. If you decide to take full responsibility of it, you will move on, otherwise the same challenges will come to you, probably in different forms. Our tendency to blame our genes, family, childhood and society, our attention to any kind of superstitions will disappear once we will realize that everything boils down to our daily choices and actions, to our level of awareness and to the fact the any challenge represents an opportunity for real evolution rather than an obstacle.

Life becomes something meritocratic, something we need to work our ass off. We are not here on this planet Earth only to lay on the beach drinking mojito. We are here as a Soul to make our best to become a more conscious being, to move on along our path and only as a result we will be living a more joyful and fully life. The reward comes after having done our part within each single life and those who has sacrificed their time and energies to follow their heart, those who have followed higher values rather than the one offered by our unconscious society will be rewarded. Once again, a reward might be being richer and healthier but not necessary. A real reward applies to the field of consciousness, not to the material one.

Secondly, taking multiple lives as a frame of reference rather than considering life as a one night stand, will allow us in not getting distracted by something that does not concern our evolution as a Soul. We will not get lost in small details that do not bring any tangible breakthroughs and we will stop behave as a victim using this current opportunity to make as many progresses as possible. The career we are set to follow should be simply seen as a tool to evolve, to learn specific lessons and we should not be focused on the content.

What I mean is that there is no better job than another. Becoming an hairdresser is not better or worse than being a yoga teacher or a scientist, it simple represents the perfect tool for you as a Soul to learn what you need to learn, to face the challenges you need to face in this life in order to evolve. All the comparisons and evaluations about the value of a specific job are a mind trap. What is important is not the form in which we learn our lessons but the lesson itself.

The author also suggests that all the progresses we have done in each single life will be "remembered", that we will not have to start all over again. That is why some people look more mature than others considering their age. This is the reason why our family, genes and society have nothing to do with our potential of evolution. The Souls incarnated in what we call our parents and family might be more or less evolved according to their efforts done in previous lives but we, as single Soul, are not influenced and limited by them in any way and we therefore should stop blame them for our own suffering.

I would like to add, according to my personal experience, that obviously we take many psychological and behavioral traits from the people that surround us, especially during our childhood, traits that seem to limit us. But the Universe will put you in the condition to meet the people you need to meet, to read the books you need to read, to find the job you need to do, to earn the amount of money you need to earn in order to evolve accordingly to you personal plan. Everything that has happened in your life has a meaning in the big puzzle and your goal is simply to follow your hearth and intuition. Fate is set but you have the freedom of action and your current and future lives will be the result of what you have done in each of them.

That is why mind should be left as a mere servant. It cannot grasp those things. They are totally incomprehensible and unfair for it. If we identify with the mind, we will live a life that is far from what was set for us. If we identify with the mind we will try to desire something that we will never obtain because unnecessary for our current goal. If in this life we need to become a newspaper seller because this job offers the opportunity to master specific qualities we are asked for, it is counter-productive to wish to be a millionaire. You do have the freedom to become one but you will simply fail. You will never be able to achieve the mind plan because you will not be supported by higher laws that are pushing you to go towards another direction. And they will hit you hard, as much as it is necessary, to make you grasp you are on the wrong path.

To conclude, according to the author, each of us has a fate to be accomplished in this single life, something set, something we cannot escape from. Free will exists but only within an already set plan. We can either accept it, enjoying the journey and support our heart and intuition in order to live a joyful life or we can listen to our mind and follow something that deep inside us does not feel right. We are free to act as we like.

We have being given all the tools to be guided on this journey but unfortunately our education system was not able to teach us how to use them. The mind, the body, emotions, intuition, logic, feelings, perceptions have all their own specific role and it is fundamental, as a Soul, to master them in the right way. No one would never dream to use a nail as an hammer but for some reason we have been taught to use the mind to guide us and the consequences are under everyone's eyes. Fortunately the Universe is on our side and it will give us all the hints we need to navigate within it.

I leave to you the job to verify if what has been said here is true or pure fantasy. I think each of us has the possibility to recall many occasions in our life where we had to make a choice and each of us knows, deeply inside, which tool had been listened to and which consequences came out of that freedom in choosing one or the other way.

Thanks for reading.

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