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Same But Different

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In this post I would like to talk about another life changing implication coming from the realization that reality is nothing else than Consciousness only appearing to be something else that Itself.

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"I have come to many crossroads in my life. I always knew what the right path was.

Without exception, I knew it. But I never took it. You know why?

It was too damn hard."

- Al Pacino in the movie The Scent of A Woman (Final Speech) -

The only way you can significantly move forward in your human life is by directly realizing that what you thought to be was an idea, a concept, a deep belief you have not bothered to question. As I have already mentioned in previous posts, there are several ways to achieve this goal ("Look Within You", "No-Self: The First Step Towards You", "Neti-Neti: Who Am I?","Who Is Behind The Scene?", "The Vipassana Meditation Technique", "The Importance of Not-Knowing"). I have personally used and still using meditation, self-observation, self-inquiry and contemplation as tools to peel the onion of reality but many other techniques are available (I will not mention them since I have no direct experience of them).

What prevents most people to move forward and to change their life is the illusion and trap to be someone in particular. When the body is born, no one is really there. The first day of your life you had no idea you who were, you had no plans in life, you had no idea to have a mother and a father, you had no idea to live in a Universe, you did not know what logic and rationality was, you did not know what science and religion were. You were simply Being. Nothing really was affecting you because there was no you yet. As adults we tend to conclude that when born we were already someone since a body was there but it is not the case. What you now consider to be "you", has originated after the body had made its appearance. The "I" we are always referring to does not come from the body, it comes from a slow and continuous process of mental construction. You are the product of your family beliefs, of your culture traditions, of your school teachings. These are nothing else that concepts and ideas that over time have created a "you".

You are currently identifying with whatever mix of ideas have been thrown to you and that you have accepted for survival reasons. That body could have been programmed in an infinite other ways depending on the country and family you might have been exposed to.

As long as you do not realize that "you" are a mixture of concepts that over time have grounded you in whatever reality you believe into, you will struggle enormously in trying to transforming yourself. If you are someone that for any reason wants to change your life, you need to realize that whatever you think to be is just a mixture of ideas and thoughts. You need to realize that when "your" body was born, you were already existing, not as a body but rather as pure Being or Consciousness. Thinking to be a body back then it is simply your attempt as a mind to make sense of something that in reality is magic. Your being born has nothing to do with the appearance of a body, but rather with the formation of a specific thought, the thought "I Am, I exist".

That moment do not represent the body being conscious to be a body, but it represents the moment in which Consciousness has started veiling its nature and pretending to be someone with a specific identity.

The importance and the radical aspect of awakening resides in realizing that you are not a physical human being but Consciousness that has fallen into the illusion of being someone specific. You need to realize that your real birthday was not the day you came out of your mother, but the day you have started deceiving yourself. Your life has begun and could begin only through an illusion, through a deception. Only by realizing that what you have been considering "you" all time long is a concept, you can start making a real transformation. As I have already mentioned in my post "You Are Nothing, You Are Zero: An Effective Path Towards Real Change", realizing to be Consciousness, that is "something" without attributes, give you the freedom to create and dismantle your own creation at will. A process that mind will not like but that over time, becoming more conscious, will be easier to put in action.

These realizations made me realize that that are two me. The fundamental me is Consciousness, That which is prior to anything in existence, That which is the ground of all existence, That which looks like exactly as the Universe looks like now. Needless to say, Consciousness represents also what you truly are and what anything else in existence is. The second me is the mental web of beliefs, assumption, ideas, concepts, information that I have acquired (not as a body but as Consciousness) during all my life. Of course these are not two separate entities because Consciousness is all there is. We could say that Consciousness suffers from a mental break down and it has split its being One in many different ways.

In a nutshell we are the same but different.

This realization, if truly grasped, is huge because it pushes you to take big steps in order to align your previous egoistic life with this revelation. Before this insight I considered myself to be a physical individual entity that was busy in achieving something for my own interest, considering others and the world as separate from me. Thanks to my parents and to the culture I grew up into I always had a sense of respect for others and for nature, but it was more an intellectual belief: I was anyway living my life as if nature and others were separate from me, leading me many times to misbehave in their respect. When this illusion gets broken and you realize that literally there is no difference between you and a dog, between you and an homeless guy, between you and a plant, between you and someone that is suffering, between you and a fly unless you think there is, you are naturally and truly willing to align your daily actions with this realization. And any time you, as a mind, will do something going in the opposite direction to your true nature, you will suffer and by being conscious of it you will do your best to align mind with You.

Can you imagine what would happen if every single person on the planet would realize that we are Consciousness that is simply thinking to be someone different than Itself? Issues as racism, wars to conquer "others" countries, deforestation, environmental pollution, social injustice, violence, intolerance and much more would either be a distant memory or a more easy problem to be tackled. Of course this scenario sounds for the moment a mere utopia because as I said in my post "Truth Is Radical", not all minds are willing to make such a step. To make such as step means to accept the illusory reality of yourself as a human being and to open up to others as if they were you (and they literally are).

I have not personally found yet a way to completely align this realization with my daily life. As an individual mind I have my own desires, cravings, flaws and I like to pursuit something I am passionate about that might not be in line with other's agendas. But I made a promise to myself, that is, to pursuit in life something on which my heart is involved, something that feels right to Me without falling into the temptation to listen the mind rationalizing what I should do or should not do in order to survive at the expenses of others. I do not find anything wrong to follow our own passion and to manifest the joy of having found our unique way to express who we truly are. Consciousness's work is not a mandatory path to achieve this goal, but I have personally found this path the best way to ground my actions in doing good rather than being at the mercy of the desires and cravings of mind.

Mind is the amazing tool that we, Consciousness, can use to participate into this magical adventure called life but it can easily turn into a double-edged blade if not grounded in Us. Raising your consciousness as a mind, that is, by getting closer to your true nature, allows you to achieve whatever you love (no matter what it is) according to the realization that we are different but ultimately the same.

Thanks for reading.

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