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Science Is Working For God

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

In this post I would like to talk about two dear topics to me, that is, science and spirituality. Two fields that might appear completely opposite in what they deal with and in their content but that ultimately are framed in the same context: Consciousness.

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"If God exists, I hope

he has a good excuse"

- Woody Allen -

Reality is plenty of paradoxes when your investigation takes you deeper in the understanding about yourself and the reality you live into. Paradoxes are part of reality and they represent something you need to get accustomed to as soon as possible if you want to embark into this journey seriously.

You will discover that reality is dual and non-dual at the same time, that there is only one "thing" existing in reality but that "thing" cannot be proven to exist, that you are mortal and eternal, that what looks to have a form is actually formless and vice-versa, that behind any devilry and terror there is love and acceptance and so on. The point being here is that all reality is plunged into relativism (I will do soon a post about it) and reality will look in a way or in another according to the perspective and the level of understanding you are standing at.

Probably the funniest paradox (for me) concerns science and its tendency to dismiss the existence of an higher force that is responsible for the creation of all reality. I usually do not like to use the 3 letter word to point to that force because it comes with so many meanings and labels that the mind, especially the rational and scientific one, tend to immediately build a barrier up preventing some open-mindedness to take part into this kind of conversation. But I had to find a catchy title to get you here. I hope I will be forgiven.

The existence of a creator has been debating for millennia and it is still a hot topic for many scientists and religious people, both trying to feather their own nest. A topic that will never be solved by trying to collect external proves, as if we could find proofs of its existence in some holy places. As I said many times in my blog, the only way to find existential answers regarding the nature of our self, the nature of reality or even the existence of a creator dwells within us, nowhere else. That is why ancient practices such as meditation, self-inquiry, real yoga and contemplation are so efficient: they force you to leave aside for a moment the so called "external world" and focus within, to see what is there without getting distracted by any religious or scientific dogma and childish beliefs.

To answer existential questions we cannot trust our perceptions because they are imperfect and they can capture only a fraction of reality. Therefore whatever answer will be found relying on perceptions and on mind cannot be trusted. But it exists a type of understanding that bypasses the usage of perceptions, that is, direct experience and only through this door we can get access to that "something" that will reveal itself to be the key to unfold reality.

I am not picking on science to belittle it. I do love science and I do consider it to have an essential role within society but I am really unsatisfied about its approach in studying reality and for this reason I want to move some critics towards it. I have worked in the academic environments for around 7 years and this time gave me sufficient elements to spot the limits science has in investigating nature: it lacks a metaphysical understanding of reality. Its approach in investigating reality has huge limitations, not at the technological level but at the mental one.

Science is currently holding on some not-proven dogma that instead of being actually proven are hidden under the rug since they represent a threat for it, real paradoxes that might mine centuries of research. Needless to say this behavior will not bring any good in the long run and this closed mentality is being paid by limiting and slowing down its enormous potential.

One of the essential factor to start investigating anything in reality is to start from a position of not-knowing ("The Importance Of Not-Knowing"), that is, starting from a white blank page on which any possible scenario must be taken in consideration without any previous expectation on what the result might be. There should not be any personal bias in reaching to a certain result and any direction should be put to the test. Science had done incredible progresses over the years but it had started its investigation on a wrong premise: reality being physical and made our of "some-thing".

Just to be clear, everything science has come up with till today is valid. The content that science has discovered to be part of reality, the laws that have been found to govern our reality are valid but they are framed in the wrong context, they need to be re-interpreted from a different perspective, that is, reality is neither material nor physical nor absolute but as Peter Ralston eloquently says: "life does not exist in any objective way, it is absolute Consciousness manifesting in a creative, relative fashion”.

What science must grasp is that what we call the law of physics are in reality metaphysical laws, that is, laws of Consciousness; that there are no proofs (not a single one) about the existence of an external reality that exists in an objective and material way independently of our perceptions and observation (no one will ever prove that the tree outside the window still exists as such without perceiving it in some way); that reality is 100% subjective and relative (science included) and that its validity and truthfulness depend on a specific and distinct way to look at it.

Science is built upon a common consensus about how reality seems to appear from many different perspectives: since billions of people see and perceive the world around them more or less in the same way, we had decided that reality must be out there, objectively existing independently from our perception of it. What we call objective is simply a collection of subjective impressions that we agreed to represent an objective reality. Objectivity cannot exist, it strictly depends on how we personally and individually see things.

The huge obstacle science needs to overcome is that in order to grasp reality in its most intimate way, no measurements or quantification can be done: numbers and equations can be useful to describe the content of reality, what we commonly call objects but to get to the bottom line these tools cannot be used anymore because there are indirect tools. How can you measure reality using something that is part of reality itself? To be able to quantify reality you should use something that is outside it, that is not part of the whole, that can objectively measure it without interfering with the measurement itself. But this is not possible because anything that will be used is part of reality itself, it is made out of reality.

If science wants to describe what it perceives, the instruments at its disposal are useful to achieve this goal but if it wants to get to the core of reality the approach must be different. To achieve this goal each scientist must sit quietly, leave all instruments on the bench and start an investigation that implies and requires looking within ("Look Within You").

If it really wants to find the substance by which all reality is made out of no instruments should be used other than meditation and self-inquiry (and few others): we, being part of reality, must be made of the same substance of all Universe. This substance is not made out of atoms, particles or energy but something more primordial that can be proven to exist through direct experience. You are it.

Why did I state that science is working for God?

Consciousness (or God in religious term) is all there is, there is nothing in existence that is made out of a different substance. As I said in my previous post "Features Of Reality" one of the two main characteristics (in my opinion) of Consciousness is creativity, that is, Consciousness wants to experience its oneness in an infinite arrays of forms. These forms are of course apparent and illusory, multiple only from the point of view of the mind that needs to divide reality in many part in order to survive without getting insane.

Reality is one but it appears many, that is the great illusion, an illusion that allows us as humans to participate in this world by thinking that this world and others are something different that our self. Humans are in reality Consciousness that forgot to be Consciousness and that is playing the game of life: "something" infinite that believes to be finite, "something" immortal that believes to be mortal, "something" non dual that believes to be dual, "something" formless that believes to have a form.

The scientist's character represents the best paradox and the best irony of reality: a scientist is Consciousness that has forgotten so deeply about its real nature that ended up believing it never existed. That is what an atheist is: God believing that God does not exist.

Consciousness's desire is to be able to create and to appreciate its creation at the same time, something that by taking the shape of a rock or a dog cannot be done properly. Humans represent the perfect creation to take part of this magic of life and admire with awe the creation itself. In this sense science is the perfect ally for Consciousness/God in discovering and admiring its own creation.

Many scientists do not believe in God but they do are amazed and fascinated by nature and by how much intelligence underlies reality. They accept the beauty, but they believe that all this is a by-product of random mutations, an accident driven by evolution and genetic mutations. They do not accept that there might be "something" voluntary driving the whole thing, "something" that has a plan. It is anyway their love for investigation and discovery that push them to run thousand of experiments and spend endless hours in the laboratory to be able to discover and describe reality at their best.

In this sense, even if done unconscious, science is working for God in investigating itself, in appreciating its own creation. Biology, physics, geology, geography, mathematics, astrophysics, astronomy are not branches of science but they rather represent different ways to describe the creation through a certain specific lens. They are like different waves travelling and exploring the same ocean informing the ocean itself about what is happening within it (see my post "Like Water").

Each branch is an illusory distinction, an illusory division of a reality that cannot be divided. They represent figments of the human imagination, they are the result of a lack of metaphysical understanding of reality and it is not accidental the fact that nowadays many of these branches are melting together in a broader field of science. Scientists start understanding that all these distinctions are illusory and a more integral approach is coming into existence.

It will take maybe still sometime before science understands that the premise on which it has been basing its research is wrong but sooner or later we will assist to the emergence of a new science where physic and metaphysics will merge together and new tools, unconventional one, will be part of this investigation. Tools like meditation, self inquiry and psychedelics (already used in few academic environments) will allow to melt the illusion of reality being material and objective and they will help science to investigate Consciousness in all its infinite angles.

This shift will require great courage and open mindedness by some scientists to stand up and row against the majority of people that will refuse to accept such a revolutionary idea. The subjective realization of few brave scientists, based on their direct experience, needs to become the new objective reality for the most, a reality based not on matter but on Consciousness. Only in this way science will become an even better vehicle for Consciousness/God to explore itself.

That is what each human must become, that is what each human should be focused on: find what it loves to do and be the best vehicle to allow Consciousness to get to know parts of itself. Without Consciousness you could not do anything, you are in debt to Consciousness to be alive but at the same time Consciousness could not appreciate its creation without you. Duality, even though ultimately illusory, is a necessary feature of reality to take part and appreciate what is going on in the oneness.

Science, being made out of humans, is not excused from this duty. On the contrary, seen its importance and impact on society, it should work harder to overcome its limiting beliefs, to change its paradigm about reality and help all humanity to wake up to a more conscious life. That is why I am so critical about modern science: I know its potential in being able in changing a whole way of thinking, I know that it has the necessary power and respect to be listened by others in order to guide a revolution within society. If influential figures started to take this scenario plausible, many others would follow and we would soon live in a different reality.

One key insight this journey teaches you is that the whole reality is relative and subjective. We are the creator of our reality and science has the opportunity to mold a completely new one. The materialistic one has run its course and its limitations are under everyone's eye. It has created a society inhabited by people full of fears where everyone is focused only to protect its on piece of land.

It was a necessary step but we are now ready to a new expansion and to a new understanding that will shake this current reality up. So far we have tried to change our reality shuffling external pieces of reality and it did not work. Awakening says that a real revolution must begin from within, attention must be drawn inside us and only then the "external" reality will effectively change, automatically.

In my scientific experience I heard scientists either wholly rejecting the idea of the existence of a higher intelligent force or stating that its existence will not anyway affect their job. These are both positions coming from ignorance, partially sustained by the widespread confusion presents in the religious environment about what this higher force is.

As long as we picture Consciousness/God as something or someone existing and living somewhere in the Universe we will never be able to tackle this topic seriously. Consciousness/God is existence itself, it permeates everything, it is literally what reality looks like, it is the only substance existing supporting and shaping all reality. Nothing physical or material but something you can grasp only through direct experience and not through concepts or logic. Something that exists but cannot be proven to exist in conventional ways.

Dismissing or diminishing the importance of realizing Consciousness/God is not anymore an acceptable and responsible position by those working within science because we are not talking about some fairy-tales or New Age theories but we are talking about existence itself. And science, dealing everyday with the investigation of reality, should be in first line preoccupied in “proving” its existence to then base its investigation on this new premise changing forever the scientific progress.

I hope science will find the courage to admit its limitations and to find Consciousness /God within itself. Consciousness has an intelligent plan and it will keep going into its direction and we, as humans, have the freedom to move along with this design or against. Either way, science will always work for God in letting it discovering part of its own creation. My hope is that this process will be done with less resistance and that by opening up to new possibilities we will soon assist to a cooperation between spirituality and science to enable a great social revolution to take place.

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