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The Context Of Spiral Dynamics

In this post I would like to frame the model of Spiral Dynamics in the context of spirituality and Consciousness's Work.

"Your worldview frames and limits

your reality"

Before starting digging into the exciting model of Spiral Dynamics proposed by C.C. Cowan and D.E. Beck and mentioned in my previous post "It Is All Mind!", I would like to give the context in which this model is actually taking place and why, I think, this frame is important for an even more interesting and deeper understanding of what the authors propose.

As we will see Spiral Dynamics is a psychological model that was generated by the observation that the human's mind follows specific patterns that literally constitute the reality each of us is living (ideology, beliefs, assumptions, way of thinking and so on). Each stage is totally relative and represents only a specific lens through which looking at reality but eventually each of us should move on to the next stage realizing the limitations of the previous one.

Once you will get to know this model, I am sure you will be amazed how much accurate and efficient is. However, I think this model might be even more powerful if supported by a deeper understanding of reality at its metaphysical level, that is, by doing Consciousness's work.

As far as I know, the Spiral Dynamic model does not talk about Consciousness and it does not refer to the awakening process at any point. According to this model, these mind's patterns unfold in a physical reality, a place where objective and physical stuffs are present guided by specific physical laws that orchestrate the entire Universe. From this model you can easily deduct that all mental boundaries are relative and self-imposed, mental constructs of our own mind but still taking place in a physical world.

And it is not like that.

By investigating your daily experiences, you will discover that all you know about the physical reality existing out there is actually your own subjective experiences made out of your own feelings, emotions, perceptions on top of which your own mind writes a story using language and concepts ("Trust Only Your Direct Experience", "About Perceptions"). Already, by realizing that the reality you are experiencing is 100% relative and subjective, you will witness an enormous personal shift that will make you taking full responsibility of the quality of your own life without projecting your own fears, anger and desires upon an external reality that never existed but that was always created in your head.

On top of that, the awakening process makes you realize that the entire mind's game is contained within a larger and infinite field called Consciousness, our true nature. Consciousness cannot be explained by our limited mind because it is its source. A wave cannot explain water, it can simply be it by sinking and melting back in it. At the same time, what we think we are, that is our mind, cannot describe what we truly are: limited minds can only surrender to the mystery of Consciousness and be guided by It.

However, by doing this inner work, you will come to the conclusion that Consciousness is "something" that has no form and qualities but that has the potential, creativity and intelligence to take any forms. I see Consciousness as an infinite Mind that can dream whatever it wants, such as an entire Universe made out of and imagined by It. The Universe is not, therefore, a physical self-standing structure but a continuum of Consciousness's Mind.

At this point, Consciousness has created and imagined an entire Universe that has been made according to its image and likeness but it cannot still experience it. It has therefore divided and limited its infinite Mind in smaller ones, like vortexes within water, each of them experiencing and moving within the same creation. From now on, each mind-vortex will wear its on lens through which looking and living within the creation: it will consider itself an individual, it will get attached to one specific appearance within the dream (what we call our body) and it will look at the Universe as a structure made out of "some-thing" rather than "no-thing". From now on, the Universe will appear to be made out of metal, plastic, water, mountains, beings rather than Mind.

While the Spiral Dynamic model considers those vortexes physical and objective structure, the awakening process will make you realize that each mind is just an contraction of the infinite Mind of Consciousness in order to experience itself. There is no separation, no physicality and no limitations in reality, it is all a continuum of Consciousness's Mind. Boundaries and limitations arise only once you think to be a single vortex and not the infinite field of water (see my post "Like water" and "The Illusion Explained").

The advantage of studying and understanding the model of Spiral Dynamics in the context of awaking relies in the realization that you are the creator of any point of views existing in reality and that you can mount and dismount them at your will if your level of understanding about reality is deep enough.

Each perspective, each ideology, each belief is simply an anchor to ground Consciousness's Mind in its own creation but it has no absolute validity! Our attachments and discussions about Christianity being truer than Buddhism, left-winged better that right-winged, X better than Y is totally irrelevant since it is an imagined idea coming from and imagined point of view.

Such an affirmation does not imply that we should not discuss anymore about anything, at the contrary. It simply means stop giving so much importance on a specific perspective and being aware that out there exists a more comprehensive understanding about reality from the one I am standing right now. This new context has the ability to make each of us humble enough to realize our perspective to be limited and relative and to always work to evolve to the next level of understanding. Holding on and being stubborn in thinking that X is better than Y is just the ego-vortex attempt to survive, it is its unwillingness to let go and to move to an higher stage.

Each point of view, each vortex, is a relative and limited structure created to ground Consciousness's Mind within its own creation. Our goal as limited mind is to evolve and reach the highest level of development possible that turned out to be Love. Love is the melting back to our true nature, that is, Consciousness's Mind ( see the post "Love Is What We Are"). "When all boundaries and limitation are broken, all is left is Love" as Shunyamurti says. If we are not experiencing Love all time is because we are holding on to some limited perspectives that cause us suffering.

Understanding the Spiral Dynamics model in the context of awakening will also save us so much energy and words poured every day to criticize and judge others. We will realize that each vortex, and therefore each person, has a different level of evolution, a different grounding and therefore a different look at reality. We will become aware that there is no benefit in trying to convert others or in stating how stupid and ignorant someone is. Everyone is at his/her stage of development and none of them is better than another. We all have to go through each step in order to reach Love. So rather than pointing fingers, we should firstly work on our self and only then help others to see their limitations (they will not like it).

To conclude this short post, awakening is not a New Age process in which you have to fill your mind with new beliefs systems but a deep and honest investigation of reality in order to transcend your own mind in its totality, realizing that all is imagined and created by a larger Mind on which everything depends upon. Being you the creator of all reality, all responsibilities falls into your own imagined shoulders in becoming a conscious creator.

Once you are aware of this truth, your job is to expand your reality as much as you can. Each of us is living in its own bubble created by our limited mind: narrower is the bubble, more suffering we will experience since our reality will feel quite constrained. At the contrary, bigger is the bubble, more air you will able to breathe living reality in a completely different way. Our only goal is to make our bubble as big as we can, expanding and stretching our reality in infinite directions until the whole bubble explodes.

For a better and more conscious life it is crucial to understand that reality is not a static structure but a mental creation: each of us is literally constructing its own reality and our perspective can be modified by evolving through it. Changing the way how you hold reality, changes reality itself.

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